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michiel | 11 years ago | 11 comments | 11 likes | 4,628 views

asterix, vincent, Doc6768 and 6 others like this!

A 3D visualization of the Mardou museum.

The museum has been modelled in 3DS MAX, exported as an .x file and rendered by the model layer of BluffTitler.

The 26 paintings have been added in BluffTitler: every painting is a picture layer with an attached border for the brown frame.

Effects have been added to 4 paintings: a morph effect, 2 filter effects and a particle effect.

The animation is split into 7 show files and exported as a single video file by using the playlist feature.

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asterix, 11 years ago

Absolutely incredible. Sure would like to see a tutorial on this one.

Vanlen, 11 years ago

It's a fantastic sort of presentation ( and of course fantastic pictures). With an apropriate soft music, the exhibition is perfect. Also, the architecture of the building looks futuristic
like the Guggenheim museum.
How did you make the bubbles with all the soft colors of the pictures?

orlando, 11 years ago

Very impressive visit... great job !!! here we can see all the BT possibilities to create animations (*****)

vincent, 11 years ago

Stunning, Michiel.

Especially liked the use of particles from that picture at 2'54" in 3D. Hadn't even thought about that simple but cool effect.

Also well done Michiel on including yourself in the gallery at 54 seconds ;)

viddy, 11 years ago

orlando, I will pass the compliment to the architect!

You can create the "bubbles with all the soft colors" by attaching a particle layer to the picture layer. When setting the CHAMELEON property to 1, the particles take over the colours of the picture.

michiel, 11 years ago

Very nice Michiel.

Elect1, 11 years ago

It's a great show. Would be better if BT has several cameras feature that we can put different angles on one BT show.

bylaw, 11 years ago

mr. michiel, nice show
can i use this show to my title

Gurmeet, 10 years ago

Thank you Gurmeet!

Maybe one day I will post the show files to this gallery. Have to discuss this with Mardou first.

michiel, 10 years ago

Do you think you will post these show files?

They would be a very useful learning exercise.

IBMedia, 9 years ago

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