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vincent | 10 months ago | 11 comments | 9 likes | 468 views

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using sketchs

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Merci Vincent voici une affaire rondement menée

PAT67, 10 months ago

Et oui, c'est la forme ?lympique !

vincent, 10 months ago

Merci Vincent pour ce partage et Joyeuses Fêtes.

Eddy, 10 months ago

Cool show vincent , thank you! :)

LostBoyz, 10 months ago

Good implementation!

I noticed you gave every ring a slightly different depth position. This is indeed necessary to prevent z-fight. Another way is to rotate them a bit more.

michiel, 10 months ago

Merci Eddy, Joyeux Noël, thank you LB and Michiel, yes and with a bit plan rotation on each ring to respect the original logo too

vincent, 10 months ago

I took a closer look at the positions and rotations of the rings. All 5 rings can have the same depth position (3rd slider of the POSITION prop) when you set the ROTATION prop of the upper 3 rings (blue, black, red) to (7,0,0) and the 2 lower rings (yellow, green) to (-7,0,0).

The value of 7 degrees can be bigger or smaller, depending on the thickness of the rings (PEN SIZE prop of the sketch layer)

michiel, 10 months ago

And after making a perfect copy, it's time to have fun with it!

michiel, 10 months ago

I like a lot the OlympicEZ

vincent, 10 months ago

Thanks a lot for sharing, Vincent!
It's funny to make a "ring-test"

Ulli, 10 months ago

Belle discussion les gars, Merci !

Alex-Raymond T., 10 months ago

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