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michiel | 2 years ago | 7 comments | 7 likes | 1,148 views

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Here's the tip of the day:

In the file dialog, every time you click on the active folder name at the top, the thumbnails in the folder icons are updated.

A random file from the folder is used as the thumbnail. This can help finding the show you are looking for!

More about the file dialog here:

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Next time you click it might look like this.

Same folders, but other thumbnails.

michiel, 2 years ago

Merci Michiel c'est une avancée bien pratique.

PAT67, 2 years ago

Thank you michiel. About BT Open Dialog boxes, would it be possible to type the beginning of the name (as in Windows Explorer) to position more quickly on the name of a file (or to have a search textbox) and on the other hand to have the possibility to sort folder by date, it is useful when there are many files in a directory. Thank you.

vincent, 2 years ago

Vincent, when you mark the USE STANDARD WINDOWS FILE DIALOG checkbox in the SETTINGS > OPTIONS... dialog, the standard Windows file dialog is presented that offers all these sorting options.

Alternatively you can hold down the <SHIFT> key when choosing FILE > OPEN SHOW....

michiel, 2 years ago

Great! I did not remember this possibility, it can be useful in some cases, thank you very much michiel.

vincent, 2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

Ulli, 2 years ago

Thnx Michiel!

Filip, 2 years ago

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