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michiel | 11 months ago | 5 comments | 5 likes | 671 views

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Every now and then a user asks why the installer does not come with a voxel texture example.

The reason is simple: voxel textures are HUGE.

Here's an example. It's a CT scan of a tooth (molar). This 256 x 256 x 256 texture is 64 MB!!!

2 shows are included to demonstrate the voxel layer.

Download media files (45.3 MB)

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Hands, Arms, teeth, we will soon have all the parts to make a human.

vincent, 11 months ago

But what can you do with the voxel layer other than make a tooth???

Filip, 11 months ago

Filip, it's a good question !

vincent, 11 months ago

BluffTitler accepts voxel models stored in the DDS format. To load another voxel model, choose MEDIA > CHANGE TEXTURE...

We've tested CT scans of brains, hearts, lungs, guts,...and I learned that I have no talent to become a doctor. It made me very uncomfortable looking at those pictures 🥴🥶😳😬 So next to the file size, that's another reason not to include voxel examples. I have no fear for the dentist so this molar does not scare me, but I can imagine this could be different for others. Probably better to delete this article 🤔

michiel, 11 months ago


Filip, 11 months ago

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