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Inspired by Jose Luis question and using one of my old show i did this one, as suggested by michiel, caustics are generated by a video. I think to post show later, i'm trying to obtain better caustic effect.
Michiel, maybe you could create a CAUSTICS plasma if possible. Thanks.

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chaver, a month ago

Muy logrado Vincent. ¿Podrías poner el show para descargar?. Muchas gracias.

JOSE LUIS, a month ago

Great. And I love The Idea of caustics plasma.

Filip, a month ago

Thanks chaver and Filip. Jose i'll repost show soon

vincent, a month ago


Vincent, a caustics plasma layer style would be nice, but it can only be fake because it's too expensive to do in realtime.

Here's a tool to generate seamless looping caustics textures:

michiel, a month ago

Vincent on peut se coincer la bulle ( les tiennes sont magnifiques )
Michiel a trouvé une solution pour les caustiques

PAT67, a month ago

Thank you michiel et Patrick, i'll do some test with Caustics Generator free version but it's a pity that it can be done in and with BT plasma, maybe we could see if it is workable?.

vincent, a month ago

[DOWNLOAD] I used Caustics generator and i have generated a caustics sample and updated the show. You can dowload here :

vincent, a month ago

Your show and your animated caustic animation are both awesome, Vincent!
Thank you very much for sharing!

Ulli, a month ago

Fantástico y realista Vincent. Muchas gracias por compartir.

JOSE LUIS, a month ago

Merci Vincent pour ce partage

PAT67, a month ago

Merci Vincent pour ce partage.

Eddy, a month ago

Great underwater feel. I love your shows Vincent.

lightads, a month ago

Entre deux absences, j'ai ouvert BT pour découvrir ton remarquable show.
Bravo Vincent et merci pour le partage.

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Merci pour les retours, thanks for feedbacks

vincent, a month ago

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