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vincent | 5 months ago | 16 comments | 9 likes | 411 views

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Other test with light toon effect on camera and some corals and fishes.

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Very Stylish, Vincent

Stylish Fish, haha

The Caustics video loop is made with the free version of the program?
Did you use a *Additive.CFX on this layer?

Great job!

komies, 5 months ago

Thanks Alex. Yes i used free version of the program, then i used Vegas to convert still images generated by the program in video and applied NotLightened_Additive.cfx on the video. Resolution 512x512 for caustics is low (free version) but enough good for that usage. Seamless is priceless.

vincent, 5 months ago

If you add the video as texture in the add picture layer you can use the "Texture repeat" property.

komies, 5 months ago

Yes Alex, indeed and that the reason why seamless property of the generated caustics is so valuable.

vincent, 5 months ago

Es increible lo que se puede hacer con imaginación. Buen trabajo Vincent. Se agradecería si pudieras compartir el show.

JOSE LUIS, 5 months ago

AWESOME show vincent!!!

LostBoyz, 5 months ago

Great work Vincent. Love it!

Filip, 5 months ago

Thank you JOSE, LB and Filip.Filip, you done a great animation too.
Jose, the show is exactly the same as the one I put into download last week. Because i'm not the owner of some models i can't put this one as download.
Compared to the last show I added some rock models, animated fish with the TextDancingFool.cfx effect and animated algae with the SpecialVegetation.cfx effect. I added toon.cfx effect on camera. Finally I used another texture for the surface of the water (see attached pic). Caustics technic is exactly the same (same video).

vincent, 5 months ago

Vincent les reflets sont du plus bel effet .Cette animation fait des vagues et pas de " plouf " .Bravo

PAT67, 5 months ago

😄😄😄 Merci Patrick.

vincent, 5 months ago :)

bambamD, 5 months ago

Thank you bambamD.

vincent, 5 months ago

You wellcome!

bambamD, 5 months ago

Muchas gracias por la explicación Vincent.

JOSE LUIS, 5 months ago

What an awesome aquarium!

Ulli, 4 months ago

Thank you Ulli.

vincent, 4 months ago

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