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NextPreviousHomeMoving Shows to a New Hard Drive

jaymac42 | 11 years ago | 4 comments | 1,796 views

I recently completed a video and moved all the files, including photos used in a large (37 photos) BT show, to another hard drive. A few minutes ago, I tried to run the show and it looked for photos in the original location. Not there, of course. Is there a way to tell BT about the new location of the pictures without relinking all 37 pix individually?

Thanks, John

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When you place your photos next to the .bt show file, BluffTitler will have no problems finding them.

Another option is to save your show with FILE > SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES... before copying it to your other computer.

michiel, 11 years ago

I'm not sure what you mean by "next to." I tried putting the folder with the pix into the BT/Media/Shows folder, then into BT/Media. No luck either way. The show still expects to find the pix on the original hard drive. Did I misunderstand you?

I can't use your second suggestion until I get the show running again, but that's what I'll do to avoid this in the future.

jaymac42, 11 years ago

When the location of your show is:


You place your textures next to this file. For example:


michiel, 11 years ago

That did it! Thank you so much!! I was not looking forward to relinking all those pictures!


jaymac42, 11 years ago

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