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vincent | a year ago | 5 comments | 310 views

Hello michiel,
1) why explosion debris are 3D with is straight and round slices but only 2D with XY and Z slices ?
2) is it possible in a future version to use the 3rd cursor to set the size of debris (when 2D) ?
Thanks in advance.

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You mean something like this? Set the timeline on 0:01 (ish)

Filip, a year ago

Yes it works with some types of texts (pixel, floating sphere, floating cubes etc...) where you can set the pixel size but i would like to set debris size for other types like flat, straight bevel, round bevel...

vincent, a year ago

Yes I would like to have that to.....👍

Filip, a year ago

No particular reason. All styles have their own explosion effect.

I like the 3D ones (as used by for example the ROUND SLICES and PIXELS styles), but rarely use the 2D ones (as used by for example the SOLID style).

As an alternative you could animate extreme values of the JUMBLE prop. This explodes the individual letters. The installer has a good example:

michiel, a year ago

Maybe you use rarely the 2D because 3D are better and more realistic, i think 2D debris are suitable for flat and single side or any flat object like a picture but not for 3D objects.

vincent, a year ago

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