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This effect renders moving dots of light. By using the FX properties you can create lots of interesting effects. It works best applied to a picture layer in SPHERE, SKYBOX, FLAT mode.

Use the COLOUR property to adjust the colour.

This effect requires a graphics card that supports shader 3.0

Download media files (1.3 KB)

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Michiel, really nice effects !!! Thanks

vincent, 12 years ago

Very powerfull effect, movement of the light makes it really great. If you play with the speed property it almost looks like reflecting going to play around a little more!

Tukkermando, 12 years ago

Could you post the actual .bt show used to create the picture?


BibleBible, 12 years ago

BibleBible, perform the following steps:

1) press the ADD PICTURE LAYER... button
2) press the CHANGE EFFECT... button and select DotsOfLight.FX
3) set the 3 dropdown listboxes below the textbox to: SPHERE, SKYBOX, FLAT

michiel, 12 years ago


PJChatman, 12 years ago

Very nice!

IntroChamp, 12 years ago


What was the picture you did add in this show ?

suresh, 12 years ago

I did not use any picture (you can do that by pressing the CLEAR button in the F9 dialog)

Using a fully white picture has the same result.

michiel, 12 years ago

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