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michiel | a month ago | 12 comments | 13 likes | 653 views

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Here's my version of the pirate island.

It is inspired by LostBoyz:

And Vincent:

The 3D model has been created by Yano Claey:

The font is Black Pearl by JoannaVu:

The water sample is Waves by Silion_Team:

The model is converted from FBX to OBJ with Blender:

Blender is also used to delete the parts that are rendered by specialized layers:
-the sky -> skybox layer
-the sea -> water layer
-the flag -> waving flag layer

And Blender is used to detach the parts that are rendered by separate model layers:
-the shark fin -> model layer

All media files brought to life with BluffTitler. Arrr, arrgh, yo-ho-ho!

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Wow looks great!

Filip, a month ago

Love pirate island!AWESOME!

LostBoyz, a month ago

Si ça ne tenait qu'à ma décision, je changerai bien de destination de vacances, mais ma Douce-moitié donne aussi son avis. Alors... je crains que ça ne soit pas réalisable. 🙄
Merci Michiel ! et à tous les participants !

If it were up to my decision, I would change my vacation destination, but my Sweetheart also gives her opinion. So... I'm afraid it's not feasible. 🙄
Thank you Michiel! and to all participants!

Alex-Raymond T., a month ago

Bravo Michel, c'est super ! Ca montre une fois de plus que l'on peut faire plein de choses avec BluffTitler tant qu'on a de l'imagination.

le beau jojo, a month ago

oooooh ooooh
Are you ready, kids?
(Aye-aye, Captain!)
I can't hear you!
(Aye-aye, Captain!)

Franco Aversa, a month ago

Très très beau spectacle.

Eddy, a month ago

Looks incredible, Michiel. Well done. And thanks for the links and tips, much appreciated.

Decentralized, a month ago

Thank you all!

michiel, a month ago

Une réalisation talentueuse.

PAT67, a month ago

Very good michiel !

vincent, a month ago

Looks like an adventurous summer vacation! I'm asolutely in love with it.

Thor5ten, 2 weeks ago

you are a master michael

julio solano, a week ago

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