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All 3 models were made with Ready Player Me. And then set to automated talking with the VJ effect.

The two on the TV screen were done separately, they are actually videos being played back, two of them.

My question: Is there a way to have multiple talking models in one video, set on auto talk. But only have one of them talking at a time, and then switch which one talks when you want it to?

In the video I pan away from the news anchor when the other two models talk in the videos, so you don't see his mouth move while the other's talk.

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Nice clean style. The blinking eyes detail work great!

Maybe the TRANSPARENCY prop can be used to switch from talking head to listening head.

michiel, a year ago

Very cool show Decentralized, and your VJ settings work very well.

vincent, a year ago


chaver, a year ago

Thank you Vincent, and Chaver.

Michiel, thanks. And I almost tried it that way. Like a one frame switch. Usually you can notice it, but really only if you're looking for it because it's such a tiny flash. I was hoping I was missing a control, or if someone had a better way. but the more I think about it. I bet it wont be too bad if doing all the movements first, and then doubling the model and switch when need be. I will try it that way next time. Thanks again.

Decentralized, a year ago

Very COOL DecentralizedL!

LostBoyz, a year ago

Small tip for human animations: make the animations (hands, turning, etc.) quicker and more often. Not slowmotion. It will add immensily to the realism. Experiment a little.

OldFart68, a year ago

Thanks Lost, and OldFart for the tip. It sounds simple. However, hands on a Ready Me Player model have more points to move than anything else. 21 on each hand. 42 all together. That means you're adjusting 42 things to move 2 hands. Mainly due to the fingers. And since it looks funny with only the hands moving, you're going to also be adjusting the arms for each, as well as other movements. It can be done of course, and you can get away without adjusting the tip knuckle of each finger most of the time. It's very time consuming. Keep in mind each of the 42 things to move- have 3 bars for adjusting each one. So it's actually closer 126 things to adjust for hands only.

Decentralized, a year ago

Yes, the Ready Player Me models have A LOT of joints. The easiest way to animate all this would be a matching motion capture suit (with gloves!) that also features all those joints. I wonder if this exists. And if one day this will become mainstream (meaning: affordable)

michiel, a year ago

That would be an awesome way to do it, Michiel.
It got me to thinking about making a 360 video and have GLB models in it.
Been 5 years since I played with it. I had to check the date on this video I'll include for others that may be unaware of this feature in BT:

(edit: put your mouse on the video and move the camera around as the video plays, very neat trick)

Decentralized, a year ago


btunited, a year ago

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