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vincent | 2 weeks ago | 23 comments | 17 likes | 419 views

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I have played with Nathan and the v16 possibilities
Nathan :

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Merci Vincent. Très bon travail. Bravo

Eddy, 2 weeks ago

Can you teach him how to fix my garage door?
I need a handyman, lots of work for him around here.
Nway, great job. I really like what you did with the shirt.

Decentralized, 2 weeks ago

Vraiment super ! Merci Vincent

maggico, 2 weeks ago

So good!

DanaM, 2 weeks ago

Thank you all, merci maggico. Decentralized, Nathan is on his way to your place 😉.

vincent, 2 weeks ago

C'est dommage que l'on ne peut pas changer de couleur de tee-shirt comme ça. Super les ajouts de motifs et d'accessoires. Bravo Vincent.

le beau jojo, 2 weeks ago

Love it. Nathan is a real handyman.

Filip, 2 weeks ago

Great dynamic texture!

You're using the colour map layer for this, right? We should make a tutorial for this because it's a very powerful technique.

Note that in version 16.1 you can extract the GLB textures by right clicking on the model and choosing EXTRACT TEXTURES...

michiel, a week ago

Yes michiel, it's the powerful colourmap which allowed the dynamic animation of the model's texture.

vincent, a week ago

A tutorial would be very helpful.

Decentralized, a week ago


LostBoyz, a week ago offers beautiful models, but why do they use such long joint names? This makes it pretty useless in our properties dropdown...

We'll try to develop a smart system that automatically simplifies the joint names. In this case, the string "rp_nathan_animated_003_walking_" can be stripped from every joint name.

michiel, a week ago

Yes it's a problem, maybe removing common prefix, easy to say but less to do.
Here we just guess with the 3 or 4 last letters but then it's a problem because we can't see the "+" symbol which indicates modified properties.

dynamic glb texture tuto, see attached pic.

vincent, a week ago

Thanks LB.

vincent, a week ago

Great! I like it!

Ulli, a week ago

Thanks Ulli.

vincent, a week ago

Hi Vincent, thank you for the color map post. Anyway to retrieve the post? I was just getting into it. If not it's okay. Very much appreciate the time you take to explain things.

[Edit: wait, it's in this thread,lol. Never mind]

Decentralized, a week ago

Sorry Decentralized, it's my fault it's because I transferred it here

vincent, a week ago

Thank you very much. I should have scrolled up before I left my comment. I see it now. Thanks again, I appreciate it.

Decentralized, a week ago

I finally was able to do the colour mapping way.
All thanks to Vincent, and Michiel.
I might be doing it slightly different, but it works.


Vincent: "use a colourmap layer as model texture (4096x4096 same as original texture) , then i place the original texture in the colourmap and adjust its position to match. Once colourmap settings are ok, you can insert all sort of layers (texts, models etc ...), position (z value) and size are very important"

Michiel: "And here's how to play a BluffTitler show as a texture:
2) select the RESOLUTION property and set this to a 16:9 aspect ratio, for example: 1600, 900
3) press CONTROL M, select a BluffTitler show and answer YES In the dialog box
4) select the layer you want to play this show with the dropdown above the PLAY button (the monitor is layer 36)
6) click on the SELECT COLOURMAP LAYER button"

Me: Make a separate show that will be used as your colour map.
Set the show's resolution to the size of the texture (Nathan model texture for the example being used).
Add text, gif, whatever you want to the show, placing it on the T-shirt. Resize and rotate to get it how you want it.
Save that show. And use it for your colour map following the instructions above.

Decentralized, a week ago

Works, now you are ready to dress Michael Jackson with a new jacket!

vincent, a week ago

Bravo à vous tous, notamment à Vincent qui est à l'origine
d'une foison de commentaires et tutos intéressants.

PAT67, a week ago

Version tries to limit the length of the joint names in the properties dropdown.

michiel, a week ago

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