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While making a drag race I noticed that by having the clouds slightly move to the left, it makes it seem like the road is turning. But the road and the car are going perfectly straight.

I'm still working on the drag race.

This show uses Michiel's show as a template starting point.

I just changed the roller coaster to a straight line.

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looks great ´╝îDecentralized

liuyongcai, a day ago

What I am seeing is a strong wind.

And an English driver ­čśë

When I do my best to see the turning road, the wind disappears. So only one of the illusions can be maintained at a given moment. I think it's a Rubin vase:

michiel, a day ago

Great.Thank you for sharing

chaver, a day ago

Yes it's true, the illusion is perfect when you look at the horizon. good find.

vincent, a day ago

Thanks everyone. And quite interesting, Michiel.

Decentralized, 18 hours ago

Nice show Decentralized!

LostBoyz, 16 hours ago

Looks great, Decentralized.

Ulli, 4 hours ago

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