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Happy Birthday BluffTitler

The disco lights are a dot text --> . <--Inside the disco ball with straight lines lightning attached to it "green flashes," switch the second color to the opposite of the first color and it runs through all the colors. Glow was added.

Models Used

Dancer (using SX on hands and toe base)


Disco Ball

Iron Chain

Teeth (are a clock using sub-model 1 to get teeth only)

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Clever way to make the disco lights. And nice composition of 3 circles (disco ball, rolling teeth and eyeball head)

Thank you!

michiel, 9 months ago

Nice the effects but the dancing eye....a little creepy!

Filip, 9 months ago

"Well seen" and the lasers work great, super show Decentralized.

vincent, 9 months ago

Great disco lights!

Ulli, 9 months ago

I'm having fun playing with your ideas. How about creating the disco lights with a glowing particle layer using the 3D PIPES style and attaching them to the eyeball?

Here's an installer show doing something similar:

The disco floor is taken from this installer show:

The container layer is attached to the head by setting the MODEL JOINT prop to 2:

michiel, 9 months ago

I think this show is great. If possible could you post just the disco light animated show so I can see how you created it. it would be fun to play around with it. Thank you John

Pioneer, 9 months ago

Thank you everyone.

Michiel, that looks incredible. I'm going to try that, and do a remake. Brilliant idea, Sir.

Sure thing, Pioneer, here ya go:
On the period text--> .
add lightning to it, choose: flashes green
On the lightning layer set the middle size bar to 100, or longer if need be. Just play around with the sizes. And you can add glow to the lightning, which is already done in the template download above.
I'll include a couple snapshots in one to show what I mean.

Decentralized, 8 months ago

In a previous video using the same method for disco ball and lights.
The light was going through a building and you could see it penetrating the walls on the other side.
To get the lightning to go where I wanted it to, I adjusted the "target layer" on the lightning.
So keep that in mind, may come in handy.

Decentralized, 8 months ago

Very clever tip Decentralized.

vincent, 8 months ago

Thank you for the show. its fascinating.

Pioneer, 8 months ago

Fantastic show Decentralized!

LostBoyz, 8 months ago

Superb find! Great! and thanks for the tips and sharing.

Alex-Raymond T., 8 months ago

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