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When it comes to maths, the robotic arm layer is the most interesting part of BluffTitler. For me personally, bringing the robotic arms to life is the most challenging maths project I've ever worked on. It also has interesting links with biology and the search for extraterrestrial life. Animals move to find food and to avoid becoming someone else's food. So we can be confident alien life will have found a way to move as well. Maybe similar to the way we move... or in a very different way! This little tech demo presents 6 ways robotic arms can move. By themselves or by cooperating with other arms.

More about the robotic arm layer here:

Media files

The skybox can be downloaded here:

The other textures and models come with BixPack 43:

Download media files (3.5 KB)

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Robotic arm is a very powerful layer thanks among other things to its super forward/reverse kinematics function. On the other hand it is a pity that we can not attach a Container to a specific joint of the arm as with a rigged animated model, it would dress the arm to our liking. Michiel, I know you're always being asked for more but do you think it will be possible in the future? Thank you

vincent, a month ago

wow awesome! thanks michielfor the heads up

Rorysee, a month ago

Great Michiel.

Filip, a month ago

Thanks for the update.
Does this enhancement come automatically with the next upgrade for those with Robot Arm Bixpack?

lightads, a month ago


LostBoyz, a month ago

You did a very fine job, Sir. Thanks for all your hard work. Absolutely amazing.

Decentralized, a month ago

Thank you all!

Lightads, click on the blue DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILES button at the top of this page to download the show file.

The skybox can be downloaded here:

The other missing textures and models come with BixPack 43:

michiel, a month ago

Thanks Michiel, I do have Robotic Arm Pak #43. What I meant to ask is do I need to download the pack again to have the 6 extra styles or does it come with the Bluff upgrade?

lightads, a month ago

Lightads, there are no extra styles. This video tries to be creative with the existing features. Your comment proves it succeeded. Thank you 😊

michiel, a month ago

Vincent, thank you for your request. Maybe we can use the MODEL JOINT prop of the container layer for this.

michiel, a month ago

Thank you michiel that's could be great and thank you for the download link.

vincent, a month ago

Thank you very much, Michiel! I like the dancing. 🙂

Ulli, a month ago

Buenos detalles!!

EDWIN, a month ago

Big thank you Michiel for all your efforts ...

Dani, a month ago

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