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Decentralized | 3 weeks ago | 7 comments | 2 likes | 228 views

samson and Grooves like this!

This may come in handy.
Type in what 3D GLB model you would like.
And an AI makes you one.
I typed in "Bowl" and it made me a GLB model of a bowl for download.
You can make a free account with your YouTube (Google) account.


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Interesting tool!

The GLB model that was generated for me could not be opened in BluffTitler because it uses an unsupported colour format. Fortunately this was easy to fix, so the next version of BluffTitler ( will be able to import Genmo generated 3D models. Thank you for the link!

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Thank you, Michiel. I never tried to open the bowl in BT, I just assumed it would work since it was a GLB model. Good looking out.

Decentralized, 3 weeks ago

This Ai creates a texture for your OBJ file.
Kinda a cool, at the very least it can give one some ideas.

Decentralized, 3 weeks ago

This Reddit link is where I'm getting the links from.
Lots of usable tools. Make 3D Models, AI texture for Models, AI music, video clips,
enhance images. Make photo's talk, etc

Decentralized, 3 weeks ago

This is the Alien GLB Genmo generated for me.

The model does not use any textures, but instead stores a colour for all of its 65900 vertices. Strange way to do it, but the next version of BluffTitler ( can handle it! When you encounter other import issues, please let us know.

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Genmo seems to have removed the option to generate 3D models, but the one I once managed to generate is now correctly rendered in version

michiel, a week ago

Bummer. Maybe they'll bring it back. because I can still see stuff I made previously there.
But when I type in make me a coffee mug, or a cup, it acts like it's going to, but then says error.
I was even able to download a Joker I had it make, and just tested it in BT and it works.
Joker in BT on the left, coffee mug error on the right.
Thank you for all your hard work.

Decentralized, a week ago

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