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This all started when I asked an AI program (Augie) to explain what Blufftitler is.
It writes a script, allows you to edited it, choose a voice for it, and it has an option to make a video for it using it's stock videos, pictures, gifs, etc. It will also make subtitles for you if you want. Honestly, the voices are not too bad. The stock video clips are cool, it allows you to search and put in what choices you want. But for the most part it's not very impressive.
So I take the voice and download just that. Then make a video in BluffTitler. Several of them, and edited all the BT clips together in CapCut.

One clip contains a BT video Michiel made. Found here:
Actually several clips are from various bixpacks.

The process (unlisted videos)

Original Augie made video:

Augie Voice Fix & Better Text in CapCut:

Augie Script With CapCut Voice & Human Avatar:

FAIL: Asking CapCut AI About BluffTitler:

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Absolutetly fantastic work Decentralized.

vincent, 3 weeks ago

WOW😮😮😮 That's a VERY powerful promo! The voice-over works great, the animations are wonderful, the amount of detail is amazing and the transition at 0:37 is brilliant!

Yes, I am ready to ✨shine✨

Thank you very much! I hope you don't mind I've turned this into a sticky article.

I'm now going to watch it another million times ✨🤗✨

michiel, 3 weeks ago

Yes, and if with that BluffTitler does not multiply its sales by 2 I no longer understand anything...

vincent, 3 weeks ago

Amazing Decentralized

chaver, 3 weeks ago

Fantastic shoutout for Bluff

lightads, 3 weeks ago

What a gorgeous promo!

Ulli, 3 weeks ago

Wat a great piece of work!

Filip, 3 weeks ago

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your kind words.
And yes of course Michiel, I don't mind at all the sticky post. Thank you.

Decentralized, 3 weeks ago

Molto Bello !!

Franco Aversa, 3 weeks ago

Fantastique condensé de la puissance de Blufftiter

PAT67, 3 weeks ago

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