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LostBoyz | 10 years ago | 5 comments | 2,627 views

Hello Michiel,
could you make a bender effect, what a reflection effect too?


Download media files (1.7 KB)

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Yes I can do that. Would you like to have a DDS (cubemap) or a reflectionmap (spheremap)version?

michiel, 10 years ago

Hi Michiel,
Can you do the both for tests ? thanks in advance.

vincent, 10 years ago

It would be both the best :), but if you could'nt make both, the reflectionmap is even enough.

Thank you

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

I have attached a BenderDDS FX to this article. Click on the DOWNLOAD MEDIA FILES link above.

The 1st texture slot must be a colourmap, the 2nd a DDS cubemap. You do not have to use both slots.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

michiel, 10 years ago

It's Perfect Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

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