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michiel | 10 years ago | 4 comments | 1 like | 6,132 views

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Here are the settings I use for uploading a BluffTitler video to YouTube.

I don't claim these are the "best" settings, they are just the ones I use. Some will say I'm insane for using WMV because MOV is much better. Others will argue that since YouTube uses Flash, FLV is the best format for upload. I really don't know.

It's not only about technology, it's also about convenience. I'm sure exporting in 50 fps instead of 25 gives a better result. But this also results in slower rendering, bigger files and longer upload time. I think 25 fps is good enough. Speed is important to me.

It's also about money. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. Maybe the "Production Suite" is better, but does it justify the extra money? Or should I use Pinnacle Studio?

Anyways, this is what I do:

1) In BluffTitler I press the SET SHOW RESOLUTION... button and choose the HD 1280 x 720 preset. (1st screenshot)

2) In BluffTitler I choose FILE > EXPORT AS MOVIE (2nd screenshot). I never export with compression. (I think compression should be postponed to the very end) My graphics card is powerful enough and has enough video memory, so I choose the antialiasing quality SHADER AA: SUPER HIGH QUALITY

3) My favorite NLE at the moment is Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10. In Vegas I do all the mixing, add sound and export to WMV. I choose PROJECT > RENDER AS..., select WINDOWS MEDIA VIDEO V11 (*.WMV) and press the CUSTOM button. The VIDEO tab of this dialog can be seen in the 3th screenshot.

I upload the generated WMV file to YouTube. I know Vegas has an option to upload straight from the application (PROJECT > UPLOAD TO YOUTUBE...) but I have never tried this.

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good topic this.
BluffTitler well I always render at 1280x720 at 25 fps, but with divx codec (compressed) this gives me a good result and a small size.
to include the audio I use Sony Vegas Pro 10, this is for me and many people the best video editor in our Spanish forum now we have 3 surveys in different years and always wins sony vegas pro 10.
but now comes the difference to upload video to YouTube, here I use (MainConcept AVC / AAC-mp4) with 360x640 resolution 4000 bps -25 fps
an example of quality and weight is this video
also left a link to the video editor survey this year

maitegras, 10 years ago

The only 2-pennies i'd offer regarding 25fps is that with YouTube video, your audience is basically web-based...

That means most viewers will viewing from some kind of computer-based display, and a high proportion of those displays will be doing so at the 'default' 60hz (regardless of country of origin)...

That's why 30fps is potentially a better fit for web video - it fits in with the *most common* refresh rate of the target viewer's device (60hz - or 120hz for the swanky 3d newer ones ;-) ).

So, 2 frames of the 30fps video tie in precisely with the 60hz refresh rate of the screen.

On export from BluffTitler, I can't recommend the Lagarith codec enough: it provides lossless compression, fast decoding, and is excellent for transparency exports (via RGBA) as well.

In my personal testing, nothing comes close to it in file sizes, which makes storing lossless masters much more efficient.

Only downside is less support in 3rd party software - but Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas pro both handle it perfectly.

From there I export for YouTube using Sony's H.264 codec in 720p 30fps 8Mbps (produces really nice quality so far from a single-pass). The results of that across YouTube's 720p, 480p and 360p output has been very good.

viddy, 10 years ago

Thanks for these tips, I upload alot of larger size files to Youtube ( my xbox clan race replays) and i use bt for most of my graphics and rely heavily on the shows you talented folks offer for free. I use vey similar setting to what Michiel does due to frame rate stutter from the converted .ts files to .wmv before processing in Sony Vegas Pro. I'm going to tinker with some of these suggestions and see if they turn out any "cleaner". Thanks again to everyone who offer thier shows for free, it's greatly appreciated :)

spazster, 10 years ago

my two cents:

I render 1920x1080p 60fps SHADER AA: SUPER HIGH QUALITY with no compression which results in a 30sec show in 9GB.

Then I convert with it's free openscource software into mp4 with the same resolution and it comes out as a 30Mb video that's in high quality and fast to upload.

komies, 7 years ago

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