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michiel | 10 years ago | 12 comments | 8 likes | 3,685 views

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Here's a glimpse of the next version. Spot the differences ;)

Enjoy your weekend!

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Oh Oh! Would you say that audio is saved with the show? Perhaps it is possible to really manage the audio layer(s) in BT itself? That would be a super enhancement to the product.

I hope this dream comes true. Can not wait to see.

Thank you for all your good job.

asterix, 10 years ago

BluffTitler continues be be the best bargain in the universe. Thanks for all the free updates.

GreenfishPete, 10 years ago

YES !! You've done it again Michiel.Like Greenfish Pete I have to say that BT is the best bargain in the universe

oldman1, 10 years ago

I can't wait !

oldman1, 10 years ago

That's great Michiel. Is there any chance of field rendering rather then frame rendering. I appreciate it probably only effects a minority of your users, but my Avid editing system won't import Double Pal (50) at the standard 25 frames per second that Pal tv is broadcast at. The 25 broadcast frames are made up of 50 fields, so as a result any moves in blufftitler are not as smooth as they should be as the movement occurs over 25 frames rather then 50 fields. I asked about this about a year ago and I think you said it was something that used to be in the product, but was removed. Just thought I'd ask again :-)

firstcut, 10 years ago

The top right box says Double PAL (50). Is that what you're looking for ?


kf_daddy, 10 years ago

Hi Joe

Unfortunately Double Pal 50 doesnt quite do it. If I make a 1 second movie using double pal 50, the avid sees it as 50 frames and imports it as a 2 second clip. Field export involves having 25 frames, but each one holding the information of 2 fields. If you look at a tiff exported with fields then there is a double image where the movement has occurred between the 2 fields.

While this looks rubbish in a still image, it provides fluid movement in a TV image. Blufftitler titles, which look stunning when viewed on a computer, always judder slightly when imported into an Avid Pal Tv project for this reason

firstcut, 10 years ago

perhaps a sync of video layers is possible too? It would make a superior product a little bit more intelligent.

frankch, 10 years ago

Now that ups possibilities by 100 fold. Thank you great addition

Vanlen, 10 years ago

Easier synchronizing audio and video is indeed the major reason for starting up the audio export project. It's also very convenient you no longer have to add audio tracks everytime you import a BluffTitler generated video into your NLE!

michiel, 10 years ago

This is great news Michiel, thanks very much. Is there a tenative release date?

footpaw, 10 years ago

Beta testing is going very well so with a bit of luck before the end of this month!

michiel, 10 years ago

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