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Here's an effect that simulates a stable wormhole. By bending spacetime it creates a shortcut that makes travelling faster than light possible. Don't forget to turn on your inertia dampers!!!

Since the picture layer doesn't feature a SPACETIME property (how bizarre...) I've abused the COLOUR property to make this effect controllable. The 1st slider bends spacetime, the 2nd slider sets the wormhole capacity and the 3th slider allows you to travel through time.

Download media files (124.2 KB)

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Jenny, 17 years ago

This is great Michiel.!!

oldman1, 17 years ago


dgk, 16 years ago

What do you mean with aspect?

michiel, 16 years ago

I have updated this show with a new Wormhole2.fx. This new version no longer abuses the COLOUR property, but has an FX WORMHOLE property.

Press F5 in BluffTitler to reload all files.

michiel, 12 years ago

Great. Thanks :)

Per, 12 years ago

Great, I think this will be useful for me.

IBMedia, 12 years ago

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