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michiel | 10 years ago | 10 comments | 9 likes | 4,607 views

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BluffTitler now exports the audio streams of your video textures and audio layers. This way you no longer have to add audio tracks in your NLE and your audio and video is always perfectly synchronized!

-you can add an audio layer by choosing LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD AUDIO LAYER...
-you can change the audio file by choosing MEDIA > CHANGE AUDIO...
-supported audio formats include: MP3, WMA and WAV
-at any time you can change the texture of any layer into a video with audio by pressing the SELECT VIDEO... button in the F9 dialog
-with the VOLUME property of the audio and video layers you can set the audio volume
-video and audio streams always start playing at the start of the show
-video and audio streams are looped until the end of the show/playlist
-video and audio streams keep on playing (do not restart) when a new XML-loop or playlist slide starts

Version 8.3 is a free upgrade from version 8.0 or higher and now available from the download page.

A big thanks to all registered users for making this new version possible!

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Audio Export is very good (!!!),

but I was so much hoping, that my request for having an time offset for the beginning of an audio or video stream or pausing the audio if volume is 0 / video is transparent 1 would be accepted. This would be so cool for exactly position the audio streams in the timeline. Without it I need to add x seconds at the beginning of the audio stream to get the sound starting at the position that I want.

frankch, 10 years ago

Yes! but it's the same with vids.
The next step, will be a timelime were we can give a beginning & an end to each layer? ;-)

sebouze, 10 years ago

I agree totally with franckch and sebouze.It is really not possible to implement such options?

asterix, 10 years ago

Thank you all for your enthusiastic feedback!

As sebouze remarked, yes there will always be a next step. That is the reason we get up in the morning!

michiel, 10 years ago

michiel, you are provocating the question about the date of the next step ;-)

Don't think I am unthankful about the very good news about the 8.3 version! But the pressure to have this functionality is very hight to me. The cause is not only to design the animations easier, but also to do less work with the NLE software. If I can do most things in blufftitler, I dont need to save and archivate the resulting, uncompressed avi files from blufftitler, because I can generate them from very small project files again and again. If I have to do a lot tasks in the NLE, I want to have the uncompressed blufftitler avi as part of the NLE project. With the new audio export option there are less tasks which must be done in the NLE, with the offset functionality I would only do the convert job to mp4 in the NLE, so that I can create my short animations completely in blufftitler without the need of big archieve files. Sure, for big film projects this is not a workflow, but for small animations for the weg etc. it is a simple and lightweight way of work.

frankch, 10 years ago

Michiel my man, one could only wish to have their voices heard everywhere they go the way you work so hard to hear ours here. You and your crew are awesome dude, THANKS FOR THE HARD WORK!

BillyJack, 10 years ago

Thanks Michiel. You know I'm one of those people wo needed this upgrade. You should have charged everyone because I've had to use another program to add audio. Thanks again, great work.

footpaw, 10 years ago

Having audio export is fantastic, but ...

(there's always a but!)

If you split your shows into small shows that you can recombine with the playlist, is there anyway to have an overall "Playlist audio track"?

That way you can have one audio track for the whole combined playlist.

Is it possible? or will it be possible in a future update?

IBMedia, 10 years ago

What you are asking for is exactly how it works right now. When 2 (or more) successive shows in the playlist use the same audio file, the music isn't restarted but simply continues playing.

michiel, 10 years ago

Perfect - that's exactly what I want to have.

Thanks again for your help and info.

IBMedia, 10 years ago

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