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sebouze | 9 years ago | 5 comments | 1,672 views


I'm just watching this gallery since few days, and i can see that there is A LOT of Fx that are hidden in the different templates...
But when I installed BT there were many of these Fx that were not installed! Is there a way to get ALL the Fx (& textures may be) at the same time???

May be a directory we could download???



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I'm assuming several of the FX's you're talking about were written by individuals and never offered in the BT package. I'm just starting to learn how to write and/or modify the FX files myself and have nothing at this point worth sharing, but it might be a good idea to present to Michiel to have a "By Member" folder for custom FX files and Textures.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

Thank you for your suggestion. We had a similar idea to publish the best effects in this gallery as a BixPack for those who are not interested in using this gallery and only in downloading. Of course this is, as BillyJack remarked, limited to the ones created by Outerspace Sofware.

michiel, 9 years ago

how do you learn to write Fx files?
Do you have links that I could read?

Your idea is interresting... If members who want to share, could upload the FX, images, models they have made, in a "free" list, it will be easier to find a specific file and all the BT users could dowload & use it.
I understand that copyrights can be a problem...
Does the user realy make the fx by himsel???

I think that it could be interresting for people like me, who are not professionals & who only want to make nice vids for their hollydays, or hobbies...

sebouze, 9 years ago

At the bottom of the FX page of the user guide you can find information about how to create your own FXs including links to NVIDIA's FX Composer and ATI's Rendermonkey:

michiel, 9 years ago

Thank you!

sebouze, 9 years ago

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