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michiel | 10 years ago | 18 comments | 8 likes | 6,013 views

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This effect combines the bender effect with a reflective floor.

You can bend the text with the FX BENDING ANGLE property. The bending direction can be set with the FX BENDING DIRECTION property.

The 1st texture can be a colourmap, the 2nd a DDS cubemap. (press F9 to load the textures)

Thanks to frankch and sebouze for the request! I hope this is what you were looking for.

Download media files (2.8 KB)

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Thanks Michiel, well that's fine, but it could have achieved the same results by duplicating the layer and then investing.
although I have noticed a difference working in (benderdds) vs (colourmap_cubemapsdds).
colourmap_cubemapsdds allows me to modify the degree of reflection of the second texture.
benderdds while this option does not bring

maitegras, 10 years ago

forget my previous comment.
I just checked this new fx, solves my problem.
is better than I thought. can have many uses.
Thanks for everything, and pardon my earlier comment

maitegras, 10 years ago


sebouze, 10 years ago

hi michiel,
could you give us the complete ? that would be great! thanks

mrbernd, 10 years ago

It is exactly what I was looking for, THANKS!!!!!

frankch, 10 years ago

mrbernd, you can load this effect by pressing the CHANGE EFFECT... button. You can bend the text with the FX BENDING ANGLE property.

The texture used is that comes with the installer. This texture must be used as the 2nd texture. You can load this texture in the dialog that is displayed when you:
-press F8
-or press F9

michiel, 10 years ago

thanks. great.

mrbernd, 10 years ago


In my attempt for some reason the face of my l's are standing straight up and down instead of bending with the rest of the letters. Any ideas?

rudemartini, 10 years ago

rudemartini, I think you have to switch to high quality: choose the menu item SETTINGS > HIGH QUALITY

michiel, 10 years ago

hi michiel,

The quality setting was the trick. thank you.

One thing I have to say in agreeing with mbender if you could give us the complete that would be great!"

I cannot get this camera system down. I want to keep the text level with the top of the screen and I cant nail it. It would really save a lot of questions for you if we could just look at your settings.

rudemartini, 10 years ago

You can move the camera to the top of the text by using the 2nd slider of the POSITION property of the camera layer.

michiel, 10 years ago

This is the result of moving the camera 2nd slider.

(sorry to be such a noob, I have played with the settings for a half hour before asking)

if only there was an example I could download that had the settings so I could look at them....

rudemartini, 10 years ago

I have not saved the show that has rendered the above screenshot, but you can create a similar camera setup by performing the following steps:
1) press the NEW SHOW button
2) select the camera layer
3) set the POSITION property to (314,95,130)
4) set the ROTATION property to (-34,21,0)

michiel, 10 years ago

Are you aware that you can adjust the active property by clicking and dragging in the render window?

This works great with the camera position and rotation properties.

michiel, 10 years ago

Thank you Michiel you are a very dedicated man to keep answering so many questions!

Yes I have done that but it is incredibly frustrating not understanding the fundamentals of camera vs text position/rotation they both seem to do the same thing. The other aspect is it seems the camera/text movement is based on revolving around the text room.

I have no reference point to view where in the room the camera is as opposed to the text. I dont know how big the room is or where it begins or ends. The same with the lights, I cant see where they are. I am used to looking down at a room in a 3d GUI and seeing where the camera and the lights and the objects are in the room. Here I feel like my only reference point is zero.

One other thing. I have the position correct but why am I not getting the top word (Bluff) to reflect on the floor like your picture? I used BenderDDS_ReflectiveFloor.fx but it does not reflect like yours...

rudemartini, 10 years ago

In an empty world with only a single text, moving the text to the right has the same effect as moving the camera to the left. Simply because there is no reference.

Everything is relative. You can create the very same picture by moving and rotating the text instead of the camera.

To make the top word reflect, move the 1st slider of the FX TRANSPARENCY GRADIENT a bit to the left.

michiel, 10 years ago

Works great just like your tutorial now. I would never have figured this but for your comments. Now to start writing this all down in a notebook...

Thank you

rudemartini, 10 years ago

An amazing effect!

Ulli, 10 years ago

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