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michiel | 16 years ago | 10 comments | 4 likes | 5,382 views

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Outerspace Software wishes you and your loved ones a merry Christmas and a happy 2007!

2007 is going to be a very exciting year because it will see the introduction of the BluffTitler internet browser: all media files, including .BT show files can be downloaded from the internet, videos can be streamed and with the possibility to add hyperlinks to layers you can easily click from show to show!!!

Download media files (50.3 KB)

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I downloaded the media files. All 28 layers appear but unfortunately the programme will not run, and as usual BF says that it cannot handle the text font and wsitches to another font type.

Also the programme does not run. I have 'settings' on 'high quality,' and my machine is not short of computing power.



jason, 16 years ago

This is a pretty heavy animation, on my machine it takes 10 seconds to load. I advise you to set the program to low quality before loading it.

Also don't worry about the font, it looks great with Arial as well!

michiel, 16 years ago

Aha, I think I got it, you were expecting to see some animation, right?

Except for the glittering sparkles there's no movement in this animation. Yes you can make static pictures with BluffTitler!

michiel, 16 years ago

The sparkling tree ist wonderful, Michiel.

Ulli, 16 years ago

This show is not working in my PC and the font is not incluided in Windows XP fonts neither.
By the way, I am crazy about those "X" files, which program do you use to make them ?, is anyone of the applications supplied by Outer Space ?, if so, Which one ?.
I have done this question before with no precise answers.

snafu, 15 years ago

The font is nothing special, it probably looks even better in Arial, so don't worry about that.

This show has been designed to be printed as a Christmas card, there's NO animation in it. Is this the reason why you think it is "not working"?

And about the X-files, the Bix.x model has been created with 3D Studio Max:

michiel, 15 years ago

More info about the model layer and how to convert 3D models to the X format can be found here:

michiel, 15 years ago


It is only not working at all, and hangs my computer !

snafu, 15 years ago

I don't think it hangs your computer. I think you need a little bit more patience. This is a heavy animation, it can take a minute to load.

michiel, 15 years ago

It loaded in two seconds on my PC, no problems. Looks lovely!

donkeyote, 15 years ago

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