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michiel | 15 years ago | 8 comments | 5 likes | 6,039 views

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It's big fun applying this effect to different pictures. Bright colours and patterns give the best results!

It requires a graphics card that supports pixel shader 2.0 and you can animate the effect with the TRANSPARENCY property.

Download media files (103.1 KB)

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Ein wirklich schoener Effekt, nach dem ich schon lange gesucht habe. Um Portraits zu praesentieren, einer der Besten.

Ulli, 15 years ago

Wow, I hadn't thought of that, but you're right, it works great with portraits, especially when the eyes are in the centre of the picture!

michiel, 15 years ago

Very neat effect.

Question. Would it be possible to move the starting point away from the center of the picture? If so, what parameters in the fx file need to be tinkered with?

kf_daddy, 15 years ago

Somewhere in the fx file you can find this code:

C.x = (UVBounds0.x+UVBounds0.y)*0.5;
C.y = (UVBounds0.z+UVBounds0.w)*0.5;

When you change this to:


The centre of the effect is the top left corner of the picture.

Or how about this:


michiel, 15 years ago

Thanks very much. Works like a charm.

For those interested, changing C.y between 0 and 1 moves the location from top to bottom and changing C.x between 0 and 1 moves it from left to right. By using a ruler and calculating the ratios you can find the new starting point without doing a lot of trial and error guesses.

kf_daddy, 15 years ago

Or try this:

C.x = DiffuseCol.x;
C.y = 1-DiffuseCol.y;

This way, you can control the centre of the effect with the COLOUR property of the picture layer.

Coding FX files is easy!

michiel, 15 years ago

[quote]Coding FX files is easy![/quote]

It's even easier if someone else can do it for you. :-)
Thanks for that change. I'll keep both fx files handy but I think the adjustable one will get used more often.

kf_daddy, 15 years ago

This effect really cool. I love it

jsi, 15 years ago

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