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michiel | 14 years ago | 3 comments | 1 like | 5,001 views

Here's an alpha magic (gradient wipe) solution to Ulli's paint problem.

I've drawn the AlphaMagic.png texture in Photoshop using the gradient tool.

To make the paint dry immediately I've used Notepad to change the Smooth variable in the AlphaMagic.FX file from 0.1 to 0. To make sure other animations using this FX file won't be affected I've saved the adjusted FX file as AlphaMagic_Sharp.FX.

More info about the alpha magic effect can be found here:

Download media files (73.6 KB)

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It is great, Michiel!! Thank you!

Ulli, 14 years ago

For some reason this wasn't working for me with that Smooth setting at 0. The original AlphaMagix.FX did work for me so, taking a clue from your note about the Smooth variable, I changed it from .10 to .01 to it give some kind of value and now it works. I don't know what the difference would be between .10 and .01. It's interesting that it worked at 0 for Ulli and not me.

There are so many FX files spread all over that it's hard to remember where they are and what they do. And yet they are necessary things to have. I don't know about anyone else, but I might have to start keeping a list of all the effects as a reference for future use on new projects I might work on. :-)

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

Maybe the image browser can help remembering the effects:

michiel, 14 years ago

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