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michiel | 14 years ago | 5 comments | 2 likes | 4,433 views

Radlerklaus and Tester like this!

I've applied the RipplingReflectiveWater.fx effect to a transparent PNG file to create a sinking boat.

Thanks to Mark for the idea!

Download media files (79.4 KB)

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OK, I give up! When I apply the FX effect to my transparent PNG's, the background becomes white. However, the project you developed, Michiel, projects fine on my computer. I can open two instances of BT and the settings are identical - mine reflects a white background - your transparent is perfect????
What am I doing wrong?!

jmarkt, 14 years ago

I think there are 2 different versions of the effect file RipplingReflectiveWater.fx on your computer.

When you press F9 you can see the full path of the FX file that the current layer is using.

I advise you use the latest one: the one that comes with this animation.

michiel, 14 years ago

That's exactly what the problem was! My recommendation to others - dump the original FX version of "rippling_reflective_water" and get the current one!

Thanks, Michiel!

jmarkt, 14 years ago

Ich habe mit dem neuen Effect nur ein weisses Bild. Mit dem alten FX sehe ich zwar das PNG, aber das, was transparent sein soll, ist ebenfalls weiss.
Habe die Animation mal auf einem alten Laptop ausprobiert. Da sehe ich alles korrekt, bis auf den Effect, den kann die Grafikkarte nicht darstellen. Sehr merkwuerdig.

Ulli, 14 years ago

Genauso wie Ulli geht es mir auch.Bin aber noch nicht dazu gekommen verschiedenes auszuprobieren.


PS.Habe mit dem Effekt wenig vor deshalb keine Reaktion.

Rauscher, 14 years ago

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Michiel den Outer is the founder and lead coder of Outerspace Software. He lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

If he isn't busy improving BluffTitler, he is playing the piano or rides the Dutch dikes on his bikes.

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