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BillyJack | 9 years ago | 9 comments | 7 likes | 4,523 views

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This tutorial shows how to setup multiple, muti-colored, alternating lights across several layers.

1)Place the 1st layer element where you want to begin and the show time duration. (In this case I used my VerticalLines2 texture and added the Plane2Cylinder_Additive Effect, placed it in the top center and set the show duration to 10sec. I have each light in a Container, but that was because I had a lamp model connected to each set of lights and I could move or size them together. The file with model was too large to upload as a whole here in the Gallery)

2) On the VerticalLines2 layer, select the "Colour" property and set your first colour.

3) Move along the time line to the next 1/10th of a sec. (Time code 00:00.000 ~ 00:00.100 then repeat through the duration of the show /00:00.100~00:00.200 set colour/ 00:00.200~00:00.300 set colour and so on. This can be done manually in the time box at the top left of the time line.)

4) Duplicate the layer (If you used a container as I did, duplicate the container) then with "All Keys" selected on the right side top of the Properties drop down menu, goto the "Position" property and move the element to the desired position)

5) Selecet the 2nd VerticalLines2 Layer

6) Set the time line to the beginning (00:00.000) and holding the Ctrl+Alt button click the arrows facing each other on the right side of the Tool Window just above the time line. This adds 1/10th of second to the over all show duration, but only moves the keyframes in the selected layer.

7) Change the starting color of the element

8) Goto the end of the time and with nothing else selected this time, click the arrows at the top right of the timeline facing towards each other. This removes the 1/10th of a second you added when you offset the layer earlier.

9) Repeat set 6~8 for as many elements as you want.

10) Go back through each of the VerticalLines2 Layers and copying the first keyframe and pasting it on the last keyframe. This creates a perfect loop.

I think I covered all the sets, enjoy!

Download media files (81.2 KB)

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This lighting system is fine.
the only problem is that if we want to adjust these lights to a 3D object. we can not.
Blufftitler not bring the option (add model to the active layer) have to do the movements of the model and the image manually and that they are synchronized.
I think currently the best option is to use a model that consists of several submodels. and one of the submodels is light.
so all the movements you do with the focus, duplicate the layer and change the sub-model would have the same moves
This can be prepared before from a 3d program.
can make a model of focus and add a model of cone (the cone is the light)
is only an idea, his work is also excellent

maitegras, 9 years ago

Yes you can add the 3D object maitegras, just add the lamp to the container and line it up with narrow end of the light. The swivel has to be separate and the rotations set to match the "Z" axis of its corresponding container, but it works.

BillyJack, 9 years ago

I understand now. is right what you say.
I had not thought of this before.
good solution

maitegras, 9 years ago

Here's a similar file with 3D models added

BillyJack, 9 years ago

perfect. very well done

maitegras, 9 years ago

Wow, that's a lot of keyframes! Nice work.

JimH, 9 years ago

Check out my Billy Jack Background....LOL... 5 mins work. A little lens blur, glint and rays.... makes a nice backdrop for titles.

JimH, 9 years ago

That's too cool!

BillyJack, 9 years ago

Thanks, Billy Jack, for sharing your work. After much head scratching, it finally made sense (especially after the second post). Helped my learning curve tremendously!!!

jmarkt, 8 years ago

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