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With this effect you can change (modify) the way the picture (texture) is mapped (with UV coordinates) onto your 3D model.

The following things can be adjusted:

The pivot point can be set with the FX TEXTURE PIVOT POINT property. The pivot point itself can be made visible with the FX TEXTURE PIVOT POINT VISIBILITY property.

This is a response to a feature request of maitegras. I hope this effect is what you are looking for, thank you for the request!

Download media files (1.5 KB)

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The text layer features a TEXTURE POSITION and a TEXTURE SIZE property and the picture layer has TEXTURE REPEAT property. If those properties do what you want there is no need to use this effect.

If you use this effect it is applied as a post processing effect on top on those standard properties. Remember that effect properties can be recognized with the FX prefix:

The "Texture Position" property is the standard built-in property.

The "FX Texture Position" property is the one added by the UVModifier effect.

michiel, 10 years ago

I just checked the new fx.
only one detail: (wonderful)
is just what I wanted. this opens a new world of possibilities to create new effects.
Now to work, thank you very much

maitegras, 10 years ago

Maitegras, te agradezco enormemente todo lo que me has ayudado con todas tus aportaciones desde hace tiempo. ¡GRACIAS!

crispin, 10 years ago

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