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NextPreviousHomeExporting 29.97 frames per second - lost timing?

viddy | 8 years ago | 2 comments | 1,478 views

Hello Michiel / Support,

I've been exporting @ 29.97 fps from BT for the first time (usually use 30), and the timing of the exported shows seem out...

Here's the readout from the render of a show that's exactly 20 seconds in length:

FPS: 29.97
MBlur: N
Format: RGB (24 bits per pixel)

Frames rendered: 580
Frames stored: 580

This is 19 frames short. The issue seems to be that BT is rendering 29.97 shows @ 29.00fps. This actual rendering at 29.00 fps is consistent regardless of show time:

10 seconds: 290 frames rendered
30 seconds: 870 frames rendered

Likewise the 59.94 setting actually renders at 59.00 fps, and a randomly custom 3.33 fps renders out at 3.00 fps.

I know 29.97 is near as dammit the same as 30fps at small video lengths, but would be great to have this working as intended (as it helps with not adjusting frames from 30fps to 29.97fps later in the chain).

Currently it seems anyone using 29.97 will be getting 'off' results (a '29.97' fps avi that's actually the length of a 29fps render divided by 29.97) - possibly without realising why :)

Version used:
Windows version: 7 (32-bit)
Export codecs tried: uncompressed, huffyuv, lagarith, ffv1, frames


Great program (and even greater when you finally add basic control over video layers! ;) ).

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Thanks for the report. We will take a close look at it.

michiel, 8 years ago

Issue is fixed in version 8.4:

michiel, 8 years ago

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