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michiel | 10 years ago | 18 comments | 13 likes | 4,069 views

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Version introduces a dialog that makes it much easier to use templates.

When you choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTS (or press CONTROL A) is dialog is presented that allows you to edit all texts the show uses. This way you no longer have to find and select all the individual layers. This dialog is a true time saver!

Other new features of version
-Merged shows are now added from the current time (CONTROL M)
-The find dialog (CONTROl F) has options to search on text, texture, effect, font and layer name
-Existing voxel layers can now be attached to existing container layers (menu item LAYER > ATTACH LAYER > ATTACH ACTIVE LAYER TO A CONTAINER...)
-Bugfix: the WRITER property of the text layer now reveals all characters at the right time

To simplify the user interface the following lesser popular menu items are removed. Use their keyboard shortcuts instead:

Take a look at the keyboard page of the user guide for all keyboard functions.

As always, the latest version is available from the download page:

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The screenshots have been created with Bixpack 4:

michiel, 10 years ago

And all keyboard functions can be found here:

michiel, 10 years ago

Very Goog! Perfect

Tony Peppers 3D, 10 years ago

Great. Many thanks, Michiel.

Like the "Edit All Texts" dialog. That will be very useful to me.

IBMedia, 10 years ago


IntroChamp, 10 years ago

Wow - it is very easily to change all texts.

Thanks a lot Michiel. :)

Ulli, 10 years ago


I like this - was looking to buy BixPack 4 on the back of it and see I can get a 20% duscount on all other Bixpacks and Blufftitler (which I already have) but not Bixeleangelo - any chance that Bixelangelo can be added to the 20% off list?

Many thanks

JackWhite, 10 years ago


maitegras, 10 years ago


JimH, 10 years ago

Hi Michiel!

Control C and control V does not work.

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

-Merged shows are now added from the current time (CONTROL M)

Should this also be a menu choice?

IBMedia, 10 years ago

I am going to recommend you for the Nobel Peace prize for this upgrade. No other software company that I know of upgrades their software as often with such wonderful features. Awesome!!!

GreenfishPete, 10 years ago

LostBoyz, silly CONTROL C,V,X problem is fixed in

michiel, 10 years ago

JackWhite, done:

michiel, 10 years ago

I also give Michiel high marks for the ease and speed of upgrades --- click, click, click ... done!

Dick, 10 years ago

Thank you Michiel!

LostBoyz, 10 years ago

Very good Michiel :)

would be great to have that option!

Save show + ALL Media Files ... + Fonts

save time in looking for sources.

Carlos Marques, 10 years ago

If you remove those items from the menu, there are people who will never know they are there. Perhaps move them to an "advanced menu" or something.

Per, 10 years ago

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