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To create a text with dropshadows perform the following steps:

1) click the NEW SHOW button
2) click the ADD PICTURE LAYER... button and select a nice background picture
3) select the point light layer (with the dropdown above the PLAY button)
4) select the SHADOW INTENSITY property (with the dropdown above the 3 sliders)
5) set the 1st slider to 1
6) select the POSITION property
7) set the sliders to about (-600,600,-200) to position the light at the upper left

The text and picture get darker when you move the light (step 7). You can compensate this by using the LIGHT INTENSITY property of the light layer. Another option is to use COLOUR property values higher than 255 in the text and picture layers.

You can set the shadow softness with the SHADOW SOFTNESS property of the light layer. This an expensive effect so it's only turned on in high quality mode: choose SETTINGS > HIGH QUALITY.

Some have asked if it is possible to have shadows without a background picture. 2D paint apps like Photoshop offer this kind of fake shadows, but in a 3D app like BluffTitler this is conceptually wrong: shadows need something to fall on.

If you really want shadows without a background picture you can use the following hack: set the TRANSPARENCY property of your picture layer to 0.99

Download media files (4.1 KB)

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Note that even this simple show offers lots of animation possibilities:
-animate the light position
-animate the shadow intensity
-animate the background position
-animate the background transparency
-animate the camera position
-animate the camera rotation

Have fun experimenting!

michiel, 9 years ago

Thanks, Michiel - you're THE BEST!

IBMedia, 9 years ago

A good lesson for beginners. I translated it into Russian :)

Bragina, 9 years ago

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