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NextPreviousHomeNew power buttons for HD GUI

michiel | 8 years ago | 17 comments | 9 likes | 4,372 views

LostBoyz, IBMedia, vincent and 6 others like this!

Next version of BluffTitler will have a resizable tool window. This stretches the timeline which makes editing keyframes easier.

It also makes place for new power buttons, especially on full HD screens.

My question to you is: which new buttons would you like to have?

Download media files (403.6 KB)

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Michiel, this is a great opportunity for user input. I will think about this.

IntroChamp, 8 years ago

Very good!

LostBoyz, 8 years ago

Looking forward to hear your ideas!

I want to make clear that BluffTitler will continue to fit on a 1024 pixels wide screen. The possible new buttons will only appear when you make the tool window bigger.

michiel, 8 years ago

good news, I'm content just with (add model) - (change model)

maitegras, 8 years ago

is there any possibility to make it so that we can customize the list of buttons - have an option to allow the user select which buttons to have?

stbo, 8 years ago

stbo, so far we need only 2 new buttons: add model and change model, both suggested by maitegras. This will always fit, so no need yet for customization ;^)

michiel, 8 years ago

Any or all of the "MEDIA" drop down menu would be great!

BillyJack, 8 years ago

I prefer : zoom in/out of timeline, and if it is possibile to copy rotation and position of layers.thax

ID Production, 8 years ago

Could you possibly make the tool window taller? and then fit the Timeline across the whole width underneath EVERYTHING else?

That way we'd get the maximum possible benefit from this change.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

One other thing ... I know you LOVE BIX, Michiel ... but does he need to take up space on the tool window?

Hope I don't hurt your feelings by saying that.

IBMedia, 8 years ago

omg very goog love muy bien gracias yo lo quiero

chespi650, 8 years ago

Perhaps an option that will allow the rendering of only a portion of the timeline.

This can be visually delineated by adding a re-sizable bar directly above the timeline. Only the area of the timeline that falls within the bar will be rendered.

Also, how about a button that mutes the sound? As it stands, the only way to mute the sound, yet not mute the computer is to change the volume property on keyframes.

More to come ;)

IntroChamp, 8 years ago

(enter EPS) - (change EPS)

maitegras, 8 years ago

Thanks Michiel is excellent and great, adapted to all BT users.

Jesus, 8 years ago

Like stbo said, I also like the idea of a customizable buttons toolbar. These is a common feature of many softwares so every user can select wich buttons are most useful or the most frequent used...

heg, 8 years ago

Dear Michiel,
I Think, BluffTitler need to add the following features:

1./ Render Queue ( Export so many Projects )
2./ Timeline ( Show many Layer & Effects & Keyframe & Audio - Video - Picture )
3./ Library ( Add Templates to Librarys )
4./ Effects Tab ( Librarys Effects - Drag and Drop )
5./ Tools Tab ( Show many Icon on the Tools tab - Position, Rotation - Scale.... )

Thanks ^_^

agpvn, 8 years ago

on save/open dialog boxes to have the recent folders used to prevent to waste time to navigate in folders. Thanks

vincent, 8 years ago

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