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michiel | 14 years ago | 8 comments | 4 likes | 5,812 views

Tester, kf_daddy, Charly and 1 other like this!

Sit back, relax and watch the new 25 minutes instruction video created by Mediablitzed.

Thank you Mediablitzed!

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Here's the link:

michiel, 14 years ago

Thanks for the tutorial, very nice.

I feel like a dummy now, I didn't realize that you could adjust the text setting with the mouse on the preview window, I had always used the slider bars!


dibbkd, 14 years ago

It is a very good tut!

Ulli, 14 years ago

Very nicely done tutorial that should be very helpful to new users, and old users who may have forgotten some of the more basic features ;-)

But, if you have any input on that other website, it should be updated. It refers to version 4.0 and the folder locations are out of date as well.

Looking forward to any new tutorials you may decide to create.

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

Gute Arbeit Michiel, beginner erkennen bestimmt
viele neue Moeglichkeiten mit dem BT zu arbeiten.
Mache bitte so weiter!

carlo, 14 years ago

Thanks so much for this tutorial. I can spends hours playing with this program and never get tired!

Catodude, 14 years ago

This is a tutorial on the easiest to understand. I hope there will be more tutorials like this future.


Andrew Dziubak, 11 years ago

The video tutorials are what sell you software. Please keep them current. Do not let them, and your software, die.

Bill_C, 10 years ago

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