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michiel | 9 years ago | 16 comments | 9 likes | 5,958 views

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10 tricks in 10 comments:

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1) Using a template only takes 3 steps:
-open a show with FILE > OPEN SHOW...
-choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL TEXTS... to change the texts
-export the result by choosing FILE > EXPORT AS MOVIE...

Switching to HD or any other resolution can be done in the FILE > SET SHOW RESOLUTION dialog

michiel, 9 years ago

2) You can stretch the render and tool window with your mouse. This way you can make it fit on any desktop.

New buttons are added if there is place for them.

michiel, 9 years ago

3) Know the structure:

A BluffTitler animation is called a show. You open them with FILE > OPEN SHOW and you save them with FILE > SAVE SHOW AS...

A show is built out of layers. You can edit only the active layer. Select a layer with the dropdown above the PLAY button. Create a layer with the LAYER > ADD LAYER menu items (or the buttons on the tool window)

Every layer has its own timeline. This is the big slider. A timeline is built out of keyframes. A keyframe has properties that you set with the 3 smaller sliders.

michiel, 9 years ago

4) For BluffTitler it makes no difference if your texture is a picture or a video. In the dialog that is presented when you press the CHANGE TEXTURE button you can select pictures as well as videos.

michiel, 9 years ago

5) Easiest way to make your titles look better is to use an appropriate font. Press the CHANGE FONT... button, choose MEDIA > CHANGE FONT... or press F6 to select a font

To change the fonts of all layers in 1 dialog choose EDIT > CHANGE ALL FONTS...

michiel, 9 years ago

6) Use FILE > SAVE SHOW + ALL MEDIA FILES... to copy your show to another computer.

This way all pictures, effects, EPS and other media files the show uses are collected and saved as well. Best is to save it to a new, empty folder.

michiel, 9 years ago

7) Every layer can have 2 textures and 1 effect.

You can view and edit them in the dialog that is presented when you:
-press F8
-press F9
The texture can also be changed when you press the CHANGE TEXTURE button
The effect can also be changed when you press the CHANGE EFFECT button

You can use any texture and any effect in any layer. Feel free to experiment!

michiel, 9 years ago

8) Effects can add properties to your layer. Those properties start with FX.

For example ReflectionMap.fx adds the FX REFLECTION ROTATION property that allows you to rotate the reflection.

michiel, 9 years ago

9) If you have a question and want an answer fast: post it in the online gallery.

This way other users can see and answer your question.

And when it's answered other users can learn from it too!

Outerspace Software is represented in the gallery by the user with the nickname michiel (that's me!)

michiel, 9 years ago

10) The little green alien is the logo and mascotte of Outerspace Software and his name is Bix Lightwalker.

Bix has been created by Metin:

michiel, 9 years ago

Great information to circulate! Maybe you could give us a "TIP of the Week" or better yet a "Tip of the Day".

EverettM, 9 years ago

and control and M is good to =)

chespi650, 9 years ago

Hi Michiel a good reminder of the key features of Bluff but.... I have a request.

When you select Save All Media Files, it's really frustrating that any media referenced from within an XML config file are missed :-(; any chance of extending the Save to include XML references?

Thanks Dave

DaveH, 9 years ago

Dave, you can press CONTROL D to remove all dynamic content before saving your show.

michiel, 9 years ago

thanks for the tip!

DaveH, 9 years ago

Love the tips. Keep'em coming

Vanlen, 9 years ago

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