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When playing your animation fullscreen (menu item CONTROL / PLAY FULLSCREEN), BluffTitler can be used for lots of applications ranging from electronic billboards and vidiwalls to VJ performances. And by using a scanconverter you can convert the VGA output to SDI and connect to TV studio equipment.

Only problem is that the GUI disappears the moment you go fullscreen. By cleverly using the dynamic content and MIDI features you can regain some control, but a better option is to use a second monitor. Perform the following steps to place the render window fullscreen on the second monitor:

1) place the tool window on the primary screen
2) place the render window on the secondary screen
3) press the render window's MAXIMIZE button
4) remove the browser panel by unmarking the menu item SETTINGS / BROWSER MODE
5) move the dropdown menu to the tool window by choosing SETTINGS / MOVE DROPDOWN MENU

BluffTitler must behave slightly different in this situation:
-dialogs, file dialogs and messageboxes should never pop-up on the screen displaying the 3D output
-the size of the render window should not change when you open another show

Previous versions of BluffTitler sometimes got confused by dual-monitor setups, but these issues have all been fixed in version 7.08. If you still encounter problems using BluffTitler in a dual-monitor environment please don't hesitate to let us know.

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we need just one more thing. a way to sequence or schedule the scenes. even if we will have to pay for this.

seba, 13 years ago

So you want to be able to sequence BluffTitler shows?

Maybe the successive show property of the FILE / SHOW PROPERTIES dialog can make you happy. Press the BROWSE button to select a show.

michiel, 13 years ago

ok michiel, I've found it out, thanks a lot for your help

luis1966, 12 years ago

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