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IntroChamp | 8 years ago | 12 comments | 9 likes | 3,465 views

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This intro was created in Bluff Titler using a video clip to add a bit of extra realism to the flame.


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Very spectacular!

This kind of shows makes me wonder whether BluffTitler should evolve into a 3D compositor (mixing videos, 3D models and other media files created by other software) or into a 3D effects program by itself. Maybe with a few new particle layer properties this kind of fire can be created inside BluffTitler.

michiel, 8 years ago


Blufftitler has been evolving ever since I heard of it, but do I hear you right you want to mutate Bluff in to another species?

Like After Effects?

Just the option of starting and stopping videolayer in the timeline would go a long way.

komies, 8 years ago

Hi IntroChamp,cool! :)

sinus300, 8 years ago

Fantastic IntroChamp!:)

LostBoyz, 8 years ago

Love your creative ideas Michiel. BT is so flexible and any addition to it will be fantastic. I would love to see some scripting language integrated to BT for example you can change the properties of layers according to formulas so for example make layers move in a certain way in a circle for example. The formula can use data from other layers so you can have a particle layer generate more particles when another layer gets close to it. Another idea is having external programs like Bixelangelo but to generate particles or have it as an added option I know that I am willing to pay for such options and I am sure a lot would do as well.

Yousef, 8 years ago

Thank you for all of the interesting comments and feedback.

I know there needs to be a balance between ease of use and more robust features and options. Bluff is already a hybrid of sorts between a compositor and effects program.

I would love to see Bluffs effects "engine" shift into the next gear. Bluff is growing up. I've never seen a program with so much potential... and I want to witness its maturity.

IntroChamp, 8 years ago

Hello Michiel and IntroChamp,

Position of BT on market is very well defined now. It's acctually 3D compositor but WITHOUT emphasis on operations of video files (this is nice to have feature as well as audio, but it's not key success factor IMHO). I believe it's not good direction to compete with AE or even HitFilm. BT has unique features, which are difficult to recreate in effectors and impossible to achieve at all in NLE.

Do survey about week points of NLEs (I'm on Vegas) and you will see where is the plase for BT. No camera track. No DOF. No 3D operations (what is included is primitive). All possible titlers means nothing with comparision to BT. No models. You are on the right track now. Pls continue this direction.

Decompositing (rendering layer by layer in BT) and final compositing in Vegas is immanent part of my workflow.

PS. could you prepare tutorial or share this project ? How you organized fire is very convincing, it's in 3D but for sure you are using 2D movie with fire. Would like to know the tip.

best regards,

RRA, 8 years ago


Maybe one word of clarification : movies like fire, water bubles, debriss etc. I do not treat them as 'video' - these files are delivered for example by DJ as 'compositor toolkit' with alpha channel and their target is is to be a part of effects, be a part of composition.

In editing of stricte video content focus is in different place then in BT and this market is very well covered (even oversold), so I do not recommend this direction.

best regards,

RRA, 8 years ago

let's play with fire my friend =)

very good Joel:)

BluffTitler alive, michiel love to hear about new properties ..

Carlos Marques, 8 years ago


... if no tutorial, could you just tell what kind of transformation (or which FX) have you used in the begining of movie on video layer with fire (it's spining) ?

best regards,

RRA, 8 years ago

WOW - I like it! :))

Ulli, 8 years ago

Holy Smoke! I'm about to start a Heaven & Hell themed project. I must deconstruct this...

misterbrains, 7 years ago

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