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One of the recent new features that have turned out to be very useful is the feature that particles attached to a picture layer take into account the alpha channel (transparency info) of the picture.

Since version 7.16 particles are no longer launched from the transparent parts of the picture which means that you can easily create glowing pictures as in this screenshot.

To play around with this feature:
-create a new picture layer by choosing LAYER / ADD PICTURE LAYER... and select a transparent picture
-attach a particle layer to this layer by choosing LAYER / ATTACH PARTICLES TO ACTIVE LAYER...

To prevent the particles from obscuring the picture you can set the picture layer to 3D IN FOREGROUND mode (2nd dropdown below the textbox)

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Is there a way to do this with a video layer with alpha channel?

JimH, 14 years ago

Not in the current version (7.19). Thank you for your suggestion!

michiel, 14 years ago

You mean you're going to work on it??? Great! I can think of some great flaming heads...

JimH, 14 years ago

Dear Micheal
I would like the particle layer to work this way.
I add picture layer. Then select the part or area where i would like the particles to get attached instead of the whole picture.
e.g, I put a halo around a person face or we a candle flame glowing from the palm of an out streched hand , so on.

babdi, 14 years ago

You can do that by creating another picture layer in Photoshop and use that layer as the launching platform for the particles.

michiel, 14 years ago

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