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NextPreviousHomeCamera and/or object splines? (views & paths)

SteveWills | 7 years ago | 7 comments | 1,317 views

Maybe I have overlooked something (since I'm new) but, is it possible to see the camera (or other objects in multiple views) as well as it's path? I can only seem to open one window at a time (but I see 4 open in the example), and without seeing the camera icon or object splines, it's a little difficult for me to control the movement and achieve the smooth results I'm hoping for. Is there any links or tutorials about controlling a cameras path for fluid results?

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You can add a new window by adding a new camera layer: press the ADD CAMERA LAYER button (or choose the menu item LAYER > ADD LAYER > ADD CAMERA LAYER...)

You can make the camera visible by making it the active layer and pressing F2 (or choose SETTINGS > SHOW INFO)

michiel, 7 years ago

Maybe this article can help understanding the 2 splines.

michiel, 7 years ago

...but actually "seeing" the splines or paths to adjust them is not possible? (i.e. like in Lightwave, Maya etc?)

SteveWills, 7 years ago

No, but you can see the position of the camera change when you move the timeline slider. Have you managed to do this?

michiel, 7 years ago

Yes, I've seen a my 3 axis indicator move (which I believe indicates my "camera")...but no camera "icon". Also, is their any keyboard shortcut to "snap out" to see the entire scene in the other views?

Otherwise, the results are very promising. But, I believe BT is going to require some rethinking on my part to harness it's potential. With all the different variables (particles, FX etc) the learning curve is somewhat steep and experimenting takes so much time but, It looks really good!

SteveWills, 7 years ago

A snap out is a good suggestion!

Do you know that you can make camera presets yourself? Choose PRESET > SAVE PRESET AS...

We try to implement new features as effects (FXs). The star effect is a good example. It adds lots of functionality but does not harm the simplicity of the GUI because it's offered as a separate .fx file. It does not affect the learning curve for users who are not interested in the effect in any way.

FXs are a wonderful extension mechanism:

michiel, 7 years ago

Hopefully the addition of a "snap out" will be an easy one.
I'll look for the tutorials for the FX's and particle layers. I'm very inspired by the examples many here have made. Any more advanced tutorials (in english) available? Thank you for the help.

SteveWills, 7 years ago

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