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Pixelpanther | 7 years ago | 9 comments | 6 likes | 2,212 views

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Nice show!!! you are "Particlespanther".

Dani, 7 years ago

Nice effect. Feels like being sucked into a wormhole!

michiel, 7 years ago

:) Thanks Dani & Michiel,

I had a thought whilst doing this about how particles in great numbers could be represented in a simplified form when working with them, similar to Blender where a basic stream is shown in a wireframe or simple solid mode.

BluffTitler can handle a lot at rendering stage, however working with the particle layers in numbers can slow editing down. Michiel it may be a development idea to look into, as BluffTitler is proving to have a lot more scope when using effects in non conventional ways.

Michiel, is there a way possibly to simplify the particle paths or a kind of simple preview so we can see whilst working but not slow down our workflow?

Kind regards....Bob

Pixelpanther, 7 years ago

To speed up rendering when editing you can choose SETTINGS > LOW QUALITY

This speeds up rendering dramatically if you, for example, use particles in 3D SPHERES mode or soft shadows in the light layer.

michiel, 7 years ago

It's great to see how new users create in Bluff! I love your fresh, new perspective!

IntroChamp, 7 years ago

Thanks Michiel, even that on my latest experiment is proving to slow a reasonably quick machine to a crawl in some places, but maybe I'm pushing the limits a bit too far :) I'll keep experimenting with new ways round what I want to do though :)

And thanks IntroChamp for your kind words :) very much appreciated from someone I hold in high regard as a BluffTitler Ace :)

Pixelpanther, 7 years ago

Wow! How did you make the particles explode at the end?
I know how to create this effect with Blender (using force field or magnetic effects), but BluffTitler doesn't have real physics?

John (ProComGer), 7 years ago

No you're right John it doesn't,

But it DOES have many options to mess with. Target layers, text size, gravity and spread etc, all play a huge role with particles.

Blender renders can be amazing, but the time is painful! (especially like me after a 4 hour render you realise there was a problem and have to start again!)

Be warned so many particles are fun, and result in many hours glued to Bluff, it also results in a render time which is beyond normal Bluff Shows but I think it's worth it. I'm working on some more ideas at the moment...this was just a short show of the method.

The effect was done basically by attracting particles at a key frame to another layer making a wormhole type effect (if you look closely it fires the particles through a small invisible object and back out inverted due to the speed!).

Particles are fab, but take a bit of work to get results. I love playing with this aspect of Bluff because it is quite variable and the differing possibilities are potentially limitless.


Pixelpanther, 7 years ago

You're right!

Thanks for your comment, Bob!

All the best,

John (ProComGer), 7 years ago

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