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IntroChamp | 6 years ago | 17 comments | 16 likes | 3,290 views

julio solano, jnflagcorp, agpvn and 13 others like this!

I call this video intro "FREE SPEECH". I've created a simple speech bubble that I use as the centerpiece of this design.

I have included the SPEECH BUBBLE MODEL as an attachment below if any of you would like to play with it.


Download media files (233.1 KB)

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thank my friend for your support

julio solano, 6 years ago

Hello IntroChamp thank you very much!:)

sinus300, 6 years ago

Cool show Joel , love the clouds.

Dani, 6 years ago

Thanks for you comments guys!

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Cheers Joel, Nice job :)

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Thanks Pixel!

IntroChamp, 6 years ago


Background video or dds?

Birds animated?

Nice work!

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Hi John DDS for the background. The bird is a film strip consisting of 10 frames. No video used. Thanks!

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

There you go getting me to play with it again, thx Joel!

brntguy, 6 years ago

Thanks for your answer!

John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Very nice my Friend!:) Thank you!:)

LostBoyz, 6 years ago

brntguy, have fun! ;)
John, my pleasure :)
LB, thank you friend!

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Hi Introchamp,
Thank you for sharing.

Eddy, 6 years ago

You're welcome Eddy! :)

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Hi Joel

Thanks for allowing the download of the Speech Bubble it is much appreciated.
As it happens, I am looking to create a short show for a friend who writes speeches for weddings, Bar Mitvahs etc.
My aptitude for BT is not as good as I would like and i was curious as how you managed to create the reflection effect on the speech bubble? Does it reflect the background sky? I presume a cubemap was used (only because you mentioned DDS on an earlier comment)
Any advice would be much appreciated

Thank you


Bald Runner, 5 years ago

Hello Mark and thank you for your query,

For the reflection and transparency I used the ReflectiveFloor_ReflectionMap_Additive.fx in BT11.2

The reflection factor was set fairly high at 2... but keep in mind that this depends on the reflection map that is being used.

For this effect, you'll want to use a reflection map that is mostly bright, but has lots of contrast.

The background shows through the speech bubble and consists of a DDS cubemap image attached to a skybox using the CubeMapDDS_Contrast.fx.

The background gives the illusion of reflecting into the transparent speech bubble, but it does not.

You can use any type or convention of background and it will work fine as long as the speech bubble is transparent.

Mark, I hope this helps :) ~Joel

IntroChamp, 5 years ago


Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my query.
I have made some progress based on your info. I had to look up 'skybox' to see what you meant but I have that figured now and I downloaded the demo of Bixorama to create some DDS files.

Thanks again for your help

Best wishes


Bald Runner, 5 years ago

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