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IntroChamp | 6 years ago | 6 comments | 3 likes | 2,513 views

Carlos Marques, liuyongcai and Dani like this!

Another Gamer Intro.

Download the Sniper Rifle using the link below... don't worry, the safety's on! ;)


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Thanks Joel,

Did you make this yourself in Rhino 3d?

Safety comments:

Do not use this Rifle in a Belltower.
Use only to spread democracy.
Do not touch barrel after firing a couple of rounds.
Keep your weapon clean and well oiled.

And now shoot some basterds..........

komies, 6 years ago

Lol! Nice one Komies!... I had forgotten about that scene!

I've had the model for some time now and converted it in Rhino to .X... can't remember where I acquired it, but I can tell you that it was royalty free. With some effort I can figure out the source if you need documentation.

Hilarious comment! Much appreciated... Lol!

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

I like the way Sniper Rifle turned with fire!! Thank you Joel

Dani, 6 years ago

Thanks Dani! I'm glad that you like that element. How to end an intro is always a challenge.

IntroChamp, 6 years ago

Yes Joel i agree, every show is a challenge, needs time, effort ,hard work ,i appreciate your hard work . You are great asset to bt gallery ,thank you.

Dani, 6 years ago

That's one hot rifle.

JimH, 6 years ago

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