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michiel | 14 years ago | 12 comments | 8 likes | 6,543 views

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From the Outerspace Software font experiment laboratory, here's an effect inspired by the design of the olympic stadium in Beijing, also known as the the Bird's Nest.

Maybe we will add this effect to a next version of BluffTitler.

Alternative names we're thinking of include the "spaghetti effect" and the "mummy effect".

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The Beijing National Stadium has been designed by Herzog & de Meuron Architekten:

michiel, 14 years ago

They look like rubber bands to me. ;-)

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

Great news Michiel !!! Thanks
Ps: will you implement autdraw in a bixelangelo future version ?

vincent, 14 years ago

What we're thinking of is to add tracing functionality to Bixelangelo (automatically turning photos into animated sketches) and to implement this rubber banding effect as an alternative tracing method. Going from 2D to 3D makes lots of very original, creative tracing/wrapping effects possible!

Problem is that the sketch layer currently imports EPS files and the EPS format, as far as I know, does not support 3D coordinates. We don't want to create yet another new file format, so maybe we can extend/stretch the EPS format in some way.

michiel, 14 years ago

imho, I like the the way bixelangelo works now in that it sketches the way the artist sketches. I don't think there's any way an automated function could duplicate how a person draws. But of course, we're talking about the ingenious minds behind Outerspace Software so anything is possible.

What I would like to see added is the ability to fill in the sketch using the colors of the original photo, in the same style as bixelangelo uses for the sketch. iow, as if you're painting with a broad brush instead of a pencil.

There's already a program that does this but that's all it does. It doesn't begin to approach the overall capabilities of the BT family of programs.

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

Thanks daddy. We will do our best to positively surprise you with the next version of Bixelangelo!

michiel, 14 years ago

That's just great! Now I'll be salivating like Pavlov's dogs waiting for the new version of Bixelangelo to come out. ;-)

kf_daddy, 14 years ago

You mentioned this as an addition to Bluff Titler. Are you suggesting this wrapping effect (and maybe other's like it) could be applied to any font and we could fly through it in 3D using camera moves? You're such a tease!

JimH, 14 years ago

The idea is to take a bitmap (like a JPG, BMP or PNG file) as the source. This way you can import not only texts, but any shape you like.

michiel, 14 years ago

I think a great addition to Bixelangelo would be support for pressure for us Wacom users!

DeanO, 14 years ago

Michiel is it possible to make an effect to get an MTB tyre font.
A tyre.jpg texture wrapped around the border of a font.
I tried to make it but it's not the idea that's inside my head

Filip, 4 years ago

I think it looks very good. Rough, artistic and very MTB!

Here's my attempt. Too clean. Too boring...

michiel, 4 years ago

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