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SamSaam | 7 years ago | 13 comments | 3 likes | 2,536 views

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Working with bixelangelo for making good scene is difficult.
It draws anywhere that it likes.
But experiments with it, is one of my best games.
Long life for outerspace products.

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Thank you for your upload. Your picture is a bit small, I would love to see a video of your work. You have told me that YouTube is forbidden in your country. Which video sharing site do you use? I hope not all are forbidden. If embedding is impossible, it's always possible to publish the link.

In Bixelangelo you can use the STERILIZED AREA of the forest editor to prevent it "draws anywhere it likes".

michiel, 7 years ago

Michiel,I checkek and found I can not upload videos anywhere thus,
when I wanted to created article: one of my experiments
I uploaded a large version of that image in zip mode in the same time but now it shows only the icon version.
How can I add a big jpg here?

I lived with bixelangelo sometimes and know its features and work with Sterilized area but it is not enough for my works I need not only all this great features but also controlling and drawing with my mouse movement too.
I want my mouse just like a magic wand that when I moving on the surface of the bixelangelo canvas, ivy|floral|ornament|curve|curl and ... grows and follows it.
and another featue:
Can you add enable|disable switches that [branch can ovelap other branches][leaf can overlap branches][flower can overlap branches and leaves]
something like this:
I hope some days we can draw any tattoo shapes with only ornamnets like link:

SamSaam, 7 years ago

Have you tried

michiel, 7 years ago is a TV channel that get videos, choose the best and shows on tv, and after that they put in their website it is not a videos repository, I will search for a legal video streaming and will upload to it.

Dear michiel, you put a kind of algorithm in bixelangelo that draws these beauty creatures, can you make a system that we can edit these default scripts and bixelangelo draws changed scripts? something like l-system:

SamSaam, 7 years ago

and this is another l system:

SamSaam, 7 years ago

Dear Michiel, please see these too:

SamSaam, 7 years ago

Michiel; if you let us use custom objects for any parts we can make creative arts

SamSaam, 7 years ago

Dear michiel please see this:

SamSaam, 7 years ago

Dear sir,
Is there any news about bixelangelo?
please see this maybe for some ideas.
thank you

SamSaam, 6 years ago

Thank you for the inspiration!

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michiel, 6 years ago

Dear Michiel,
Will be any update in 2015?

SamSaam, 6 years ago

This depends on the success of the DirectX 11 version of BluffTitler:

michiel, 6 years ago

Is it alive or not?

SamSaam, 5 years ago

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