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Pixelpanther | 6 years ago | 9 comments | 5 likes | 1,617 views

michiel, Dani, persiana and 2 others like this!

Some playing today took me back in the direction of particles.......

Had a lot of fun trying new things and came up with a show I liked for my name. It's not quite perfected, but it's certainly a bit different....

enjoy....Bob :)

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Bob, do you have a Facebook page?

BillyJack, 6 years ago

Very interesting show.

Dani, 6 years ago

Hi BillyJack, is my FB page. I have another linked for artwork ( Not very good with keeping them up to date sometimes, but handy for messaging :)



Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Thanks Dani

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

That'll work. Just sent friend request. Of course it's not BillyJack, it'll be from Johnny Griffin

BillyJack, 6 years ago

When you add your contact info on the account settings page, it is displayed when users click on your name:

michiel, 6 years ago

Thanks BillyJack and Dani, have just accepted the requests :)

Thanks also Michiel, have just updated my contact info with FB page link.

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

Eres un fenómeno con las partículas

persiana, 6 years ago

Gracias Persiana. Me gusta jugar con las partículas, que son interesantes para trabajar :)

También me gusta el traductor de google, ya que parece que se puede entender cómo se traduce a tu idioma. No se lo digas a nadie, es probable que les hace pensar que yo hablo español con fluidez - LOL ;)

Pixelpanther, 6 years ago

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