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michiel | 12 years ago | 7 comments | 3 likes | 6,208 views

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Some users have reported problems importing BluffTitler generated videos into Photodex ProShow Producer. Today we've tested PPP and experienced no problems.

If you are a PPP user and have questions, tips or tricks please post them on this page.

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We've updated the user guide with a section about PPP:

michiel, 12 years ago

I use PSP and have had no problems importing BT videos into PSP.

Uncompressed avi's should work for anybody. Although the avi's that BT makes do tend to be a lot larger than other avi's (for a given amount of time). But, my videos also are usually shorter anyway.

I use compressed avi's with the xvid codec. Excellent quality, small size, and PSP handles them just fine.

imho, it's not a BT issue because I've been doing it too long without a problem. :-)


kf_daddy, 12 years ago

Okay for any new first time users try these setting First when using the application with Photodex..
Do not give up..
And after some great feedback and playing with the settings I can now confirm that a quality workable range for the Export AVI setting "could be" as a Compressed AVI (1.) Show Size Computer 16/9 1024x576 (2.) Frame Rate 20 computer 20 (3.)Antialiasing :High Quality (4.) Field Rendering . Not Interlaced (5.) and perhaps the most important is to try the Xvid MPEG-4 Codec..

Some combination's of other settings does not give a functional workable output!

Again Thanks for the Inputs


Michaelauknz, 12 years ago

I read this article with some excitement as I use PS Producer a lot and I was hoping to use BT with it. My experience has not been encouraging.

I downloaded the latest version of the XVid codec, used the settings recommended above, but found that with shows from this gallery encoding would fail at any point throughout the process. Error messages were "MLIB: Error exporting frame - maybe you run out of diskspace" (I have 160Mb free!) and "BluffTitler Error exporting movie".

If I export as uncompressed video the results are often 'gritty' and jerky when imported into PSP.

I'd be really grateful if someone could post an example avi that gives an indication of the quality I should be aiming for.


niknelb, 12 years ago

Uncompressed AVI will give you the best possible image quality, but also the biggest file size. In fact, uncompressed AVI files will not play without stuttering and most of the time never reach the end because harddisks are not fast enough to read that much information from disk in time. For this reason, if your BluffTitler created video file is the final product you should always use compression.

Please take a look at this page for a detailed description of the video export possibilies of BluffTitler:

michiel, 12 years ago

Where can I change the setting for encoder filter? I can't seem to find the pop up box. Is it in BT or elsewhere. (in reference to your link on video compression.

JC4every1, 10 years ago


michiel, 10 years ago

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