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NextPreviousHomeTesting new BluffTitler feature: BLENDER PATHS!

John (ProComGer) | 6 years ago | 5 comments | 8 likes | 3,012 views

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Hello community,

it took some time to finish the tests, but now we are on a good way to get a new possiblity to import paths into BluffTitler.

So far, we have been using other programs like MathSketch to create paths which can be animated with the WRITER PROPERTY.
For those of you that don't want to experiment with mathematic scripts, but prefer a GUI (Graphical user interface), there might be another simple way:

You can create any path you want by using Blender curves. You can create a curve in a 3D area and experiment with it inside Blender.
Once you have finished your curve, you can import it as EPS into BluffTitler for the next steps (like: animation, adding particles, etc.).

Who wants to learn more about Blender path may click on this link:

Blender is free and can be downloaded here:

There was one hurdle to do this: Blender is not able to export the paths as EPS file.

So you have to export the paths (Blender curves) as OBJ file and convert it to an EPS file. Then, you can import the EPS for further usage in BluffTitler.

The biggest advantage of the GUI is that you can draw things directly within Blender without having to type in any mathematical function. And you can convert simple meshes fo 3D objects into curves and convert them into the EPS format for BluffTitler.

Many thanks to Michiel, who enabled me to do these tests, because he converted the OBJ files into EPS and supported me very nicely.

You can easily create objects like trees and faces (see the show attached).

PLEASE ENJOY THE SHOW. I tried to keep it easy, just to show the opportunites of Blender and BluffTitler in action.

Best regards


Download media files (106 KB)

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Very interesting. Will BT able to import OBJ (in add sketch layer) or do we need a program to convert obj->eps before importing in BT?

vincent, 6 years ago

Hi Vincent,

technically it might be possible, because OBJ and EPS files are not too different. But I do know if there are problems regarding licenses.
I think Michiel is working on something to support direct OBJ import. Maybe it would help if there were more users who click on the "Like" button :).

We have to wait for Michiel giving us an answer.



John (ProComGer), 6 years ago

Welcome to the ones that show others their skills!

That is the purpose this Gallery was created for !

snafu, 6 years ago

HI John
I haven't understood MathSketch , yet.
Could you give me some directions for creating a cricle,
and some other simple stuff.
Thank you.

Changa, 6 years ago

John is using an experimental tool that tries to extract the lines from an OBJ file and export as an EPS file for use in the sketch layer.

If you would like to test this tool, send your OBJ files to

michiel, 6 years ago

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