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NextPreviousHomeMichiel, with your permission, I am willing to teach.

komies | 5 years ago | 10 comments | 5 likes | 2,005 views

agpvn, snafu, GreenfishPete and 2 others like this!

Wat am I willing to do:
I will start with the basics, so anyone can join in:

1. twice a week I will give an asignment based on a free pre-installed show
and ask them to improve on it.

2. It has to be a NEW show and has to have different font, textures and settings so nothing is the same but the concept.

3. Because it is a forum they can ask each other how to, and anyone may respond and give hints or put them in the right direction.

4 I will view all show and if neccessary comment and praise them but never click on like.

5. There will be no winners chosen by me, this is for them to make up or not and learn from each other.

6. Each show will be sequently numbered so anyone can follow at their own passe or follow later in time.


What I need is a separed folder under tutorials named Basics, in time there may be need for Junior, Medior. Expert I leave for the Bixpacks.

A intro page:
with the rules,
short how tos: like how post .zipped shows,
a short user guide especially the menu, buttons and sliders so we al talk about the same.

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This is an appreciated iniciative, not to mention Michiele who is always ready to help, and he does.

At least you are not looking for others applause, publicity or private interest, and the purpose is what it is: help others

snafu, 5 years ago

Great idea Komies, I approve this at 200% !!

Jeep35, 5 years ago

Thank you komies for your offer.

However I do not feel comfortable if you commit ourself right now to this strict format. Why don't you start with some simple experiments to find out how it goes? This gallery offers all the necessary functionality.

michiel, 5 years ago

Thanks Michiel,

The first lesson will be posted on Sunday late at night on january the 4th GMT+1
The second will be on Wednesday the seventh late at night.

I will try to be strict with my post on Sunday and Wednesdays nights.

I will name every post beginning with BASICS, number, main subject
e,g, BASICS 1.1 textlayer
So it can be easilly found on this forum

I will post before the end on this year the Preparations that must be taken to follow the training.

I would be thankfull to see how many will follow this training, So please sign in by posting "I Do".

See you on your first class

komies, 5 years ago

I Do

michiel, 5 years ago

I do

Jeep35, 5 years ago

I do.

EverettM, 5 years ago

I Do .....with thanks

maxste, 5 years ago

I do

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

This is fantastic news, I've tried in the past a couple of times for there to be easier instructions and tutorials for newbies and inexperienced guys, unfortunately others and myself have always been brushed off with "we worked it out" you do the same attitude.

I'm absolutely ecstatic that at last some of the more experienced users are going to take the time to help us mere mortals, thank you in advance to contributors of the forth coming tutorials.

Maybes Michiel can set aside a page and call it interactive tutorial basics or something like that, where it has a high profile on either the home page or here in the header of the gallery, with videos to follow along to.

Going to try and join all of you when I can, but due to time constraints it may not always be possible, thanks again for your time.

tayla, 5 years ago

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