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IntroChamp | 5 years ago | 8 comments | 11 likes | 1,703 views

misterbrains, komies, stuiter31 and 8 others like this!

Contrary to some beliefs, I do not post in this forum for applause or promotion. I post in this forum out of a deep appreciation for Michiel and his incredible application.

I do not pander for likes and comments... although I do appreciate those who do like and comment, because I realize that they share the same deep affection for Bluff that I do.

I have never ignored a question asked of me in this forum And indeed, I look forward to helping others where I can.

The fact that my video posts make reference to my website is because I do promote my website in other places around the internet using the same video which originates from my Youtube channel.

I'm sure there are constructive approaches to getting help and BT questions answered in this forum. I'm disappointing to witness approaches that seek to diminish an artist's reputation by implying that they are somehow conspiring and promoting selfishly.

I've seen a few positive and constructive approaches here very recently and I am in full support of those members and their efforts to help others. I look forward to taking part.


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Nice idea and magnificently done !

vincent, 5 years ago

Great execution, of a seeminlgy easy concept, earasing a number.

Thank you Joel, I may have to take you up on your offer to help :)

Don't worry, I will no travel to New York with a cameracrew to record everything there is to know.

I may ask you later in time over some particulair (bixpack) shows, to give some pointers.

And maybe at the end a masterclass?

I always appreciated your contribution here on this forum.

Yours truly,


komies, 5 years ago

Thank you Vincent! Komies, no worries, bring your camera crew... lol! Seriously, I'm happy to help. Thanks.

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

Sweet work!

puffd, 5 years ago

That's a nice intention and you will be welcomed with some hints you may share in this gallery. What is necessary is not to provide the full BT file but the manner you do some approaches (backgrounds, effects, ...)
Thank you again for this intention.

Jeep35, 5 years ago

Thank You puffd! Jeep35, sounds like a plan :)

IntroChamp, 5 years ago

WOW!!! what a great show Joel.

Dani, 5 years ago

Joel, great work as usual :) still following you and your amazing work, albeit silently until now.....

I am seriously glad you raised this point. After doing a fairly long tutorial on transferring from Wings 3D to BT, I was rather disappointed by a few members (and one who's guilty of it in particular) writing comments about the fact that people should give their shows in order to be welcome on this forum.

Comments started appearing in the similar tone of 'you deserve to be here because you posted a show not a video'..... and became more frequent.

The ironic thing is I have also watched a particular individual who does it, and they have contributed NOTHING to the community except cheap stupid comments or demands. So despite all this time moaning, they learned nothing they could share from everyone who helps on here....

To be quite frank, I just left the forum and found other stuff to do. Not the sole reason, but to be honest it more than hacked me off a little and made me just do other stuff instead. I've still posted new stuff.......just not here.

I won't be so civil as you have been to them, these idiots who are guilty of it need to get a life, start doing some work for themselves as well as learning, and if they want to go annoy people try facebook, or a soapbox in a field.

You run a business, if you gave everything away someone else would have all your designs. Some of my designs are exclusive and I promise people I will never use their template for anything else. Certain effects need to be purchased in Bixpacks, but these guys want it all for free. If Michiel gave it all away there would be no BluffTitler!!

I found almost everyone of the BT community to be wonderful people including the BT team who are so helpful to everyone. With the exception of the moaners, everyone I have bumped shoulders with has thrown in to help in some way or another, be it tutorials, answers or suggestions.

It's time the snide comments stopped before all the people who were so happy to help others get fed up and leave...... and where would that leave the complainers? oh yeah...... with not even anything to watch and learn from.....

At the end of the day when someone posts something that makes me go 'WOW' I strive to become better not try and shout down or belittle their work.

You Joel, Dani, Vincent, BillyJack, Michiel and many many others make so many contributions, it is such a shame that some idiots try to spoil it.

I will be back at some point, but I just saw this post and had to offer my support in what you said and I think the overall majority of others would agree.

The ugly little trolls that make trouble should not be tolerated here of all places.

My best regards to all,

Bob aka Pixelpanther

Pixelpanther, 5 years ago

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